Which Are the Best Blinds in Harrodsburg for Baby Nurseries?

You’re so close to welcoming the new baby into your home. It’s an exciting time, but it’s also a very nervous time, especially for first-time parents. You just want to know the best products to buy. One of those is getting the right blinds in Harrodsburg.

There are a lot of factors to consider for your baby. At this stage, the blinds are likely the least of your worries, but you won’t want to change them as your child starts to get older and explore the room. So, here are the top options for buying something for a baby’s nursery.

Opt for Cordless Blinds Regardless of the Style

Whether you end up getting roller shades, cellular blinds, or even venetian blinds in Harrodsburg, there is one thing you need to look at immediately. That’s the way you open and close the blinds. Do you need to use cords?

Cords are the biggest problem for children. They are a strangulation risk, whether these cords have a loop or don’t. Isn’t it annoying how strings always seem to form a loop even when you try your hardest not to let that happen?

Sure, you could opt to tie the loop out of the way. This is a popular option if you already have window coverings in place. But if you can, buy cordless options. As your child gets older, you’ll be thankful for keeping them safe. Plus, more products are coming cordless so they’re not as expensive as they used to be.

Opt for Blackout Blinds in Harrodsburg

Your baby is going to nap during the day. At first, it won’t matter how much light there is. Babies just nap when they need to, and they spend 16 to 18 hours sleeping at first. Eventually, their body’s rhythm is developed, and they need to start seeing darkness to be able to sleep well.

You want to make sure the room is set up just right for your baby. This means getting blackout window coverings. You can get fabric blackout shades, or you can choose to get vinyl, faux wood, or even real wood venetian blinds.

Try to make sure the blinds are shut before you take the baby into the room. This helps to set up the idea that it’s already night, and it is time for a nap. As children get older, the blackout blinds prevent the early morning sun from waking them up so they get a better night’s sleep.

Choose Window Coverings with Patterns on Them

Fabric blinds in Harrodsburg are certainly worth considering when babies are young. Fabric comes in a variety of colors, and they’re among the cheapest options available. You’ll end up switching them out sooner than most other window treatments in the house.

Look for something with patterns. Geometric shapes are great. The patterns will help with the development of eyesight, and you can use them as a learning tool as children get older.

Now is a good time to get your home ready for as your baby gets older. Pick blinds in Harrodsburg that will last a few years through the developing stages.

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