Are Plantation Shutters and Plantation Blinds in Cynthiana the Same Thing?

When it comes to window coverings, you’ll find that there are a lot of names for the same thing. Just look at how cellular shades and honeycomb shades are the same things. What about plantation blinds in Cynthiana? Are they just the same as something else?

When you type in plantation blinds in a search engine, you’ll likely come across plantation shutters. The truth is the two types of window treatments tend to be the same thing. However, there is one potential difference depending on the company.

Plantation Blinds Could Be Motorized Shutters

Depending on the manufacturer, you may find that shutters are called plantation blinds in Cynthiana when they’re motorized. This is often because the shutters remain in place in the windows and the louvers are controlled through the motor.

They end up looking more like blinds with a wooden frame because they don’t open up fully. The benefit of shutters is that you can open them fully and get to the window. This isn’t necessarily the case with plantation blinds because of the motorized system.

The blinds can lead to you feeling a little closed in. This will depend on the thickness of the frame and the coloring of the blinds though.

Plantation Shutters and Plantation Blinds in Cynthiana Work in the Same Way

Apart from not necessarily being able to open the whole way, the two types of plantation window coverings can work in the same way. It’s all about the louvers.

You can twist the louvers, so they block out all the light coming into the home. It’s also possible to twist them so they sit parallel to the ground, allowing all the light into the home. Then you can sit them somewhere in between these two settings for privacy, light control, and heating/cooling benefits.

Both types of plantation window coverings are likely to be made of faux or real wood. They both create a barrier against the window, offering protection from break-ins. The only main difference with a plantation shutter is that they could potentially be an exterior option, protecting the glass from any outside debris flying around.

They Are Both on the Permanent Side

Whether you get plantation shutters or plantation blinds in Cynthiana, you’ll get something that is on the permanent side. The window coverings are an investment for your home, and they are designed to last for 10 to 25 years in most cases. Many of them are on the higher side of longevity to make sure you get your money’s worth.

If you’re not looking for something permanent, you’ll want to check out other types of window treatments. If you’re ready to make an investment, you just need to decide which type of investment you want. Do you want the shutter style or the blind style?

Window coverings can have a lot of names, and some of those names are for the exact same type of window treatment. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially when it comes to choosing between plantation shutters and plantation blinds in Cynthiana.

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