Can You Really Control Your Motorized Shades in Harrodsburg from Your Phone?

When you hear about the benefits of motorized shades in Harrodsburg, you’ll likely hear that you can get your home ready before you get in. In some cases, this is through a timer in the home. But there are more people controlling their lives from their phones, and your motorized blinds could connect.

You’ll need to get the right type of motorized blinds for this to work. However, it is possible to do it all from your smart phone.

Smart Motorized Blinds Are the Way to Go

To be able to manage your life from your smart phone, you need to make sure items around the home are “smart.” This means they’re connected to the Wi-Fi, so you can then connect to apps on your phones.

You’ll already do this with things like your TV and even possibly your lightbulbs. You may even have a doorbell that connects to your phone so you can see who is there.

Now it’s just a case of your motorized shades in Harrodsburg. And the good news is there are brands that have created smart blinds. They connect to your Wi-Fi and then connect to your phone through an app. Now you just need to open the app and you have control over your blinds while you’re out of the house.

Connect Your Motorized Shades in Harrodsburg to Voice Devices

There’s some excellent news once you connect your shades to your phone. You can also connect them to your voice-activated devices. It’s time to ask Alexa or Google to manage your blinds for you.

This is a great way to gain more control when you’re in the house. You can be in a different room to the blinds and Alexa or Google will take care of everything for you. You’ll know where the light is coming from when sitting in the house, so you get that control to make sure a room is ready for you.

You’ll Need an Internet Connection for This

It’s worth noting that for any of this to work with motorized shades in Harrodsburg, you’ll need to make sure you have a good internet connection. The only way the blinds will work is if they’re connected to your Wi-Fi.

Your phone doesn’t necessarily need a Wi-Fi connection. You can control things through the use of your mobile data. However, the blinds in your home need to have a connection to the internet to be able to talk to the app on your phone.

If you do lose your internet connection for whatever reason, the shades aren’t going to work as they’re meant to. It’s the same with anything that is “smart” in your home.

Motorized shades in Harrodsburg are excellent additions to the home. They can certainly make your life easier, whether you have those controlled by a remote in the house or those connected to your phone. And yes, it is possible to get smart shades so you can manage as much as possible in your house from a distance.

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