Are Plantation Shutters and Plantation Blinds in Versailles the Same Thing?

As you search around for the right window coverings, you may come across plantation blinds in Versailles. Looking at them, they seem very similar to plantation shutters. When you start a search online for them, you’re coming across shutters rather than blinds. What’s the deal?

Are plantation shutters and blinds the same thing? Could they be a little different? Here’s all you need to know about the two.

Plantation Shutters and Plantation Blinds Are the Same Thing

When it comes to searching for the styles, you should know that the terms plantation shutters and plantation blinds in Versailles are interchangeable. If you ask for plantation blinds, people will know what you mean. You’ll be directed to shutters.

It’s important to know this as blinds are considered a semi-permanent option while shutters are more for those who want something permanent in the home. Shutters will be made to fit your windows, and they tend to sit within the window frame to offer all the best benefits. Blinds can sit inside or outside of the window frame, and you can get away with some premade options.

With plantation styles, that’s not the case. You’re getting shutters rather than blinds. If you don’t want permanent fixtures or you can’t have them because of renting or something similar, then you’ll want to look at other types of window coverings. Venetian blinds could be worth the consideration instead.

You’ll Get All the Benefits You Expect

Plantation blinds in Versailles will offer you all the benefits that you would expect from shutters. They are excellent options for temperature control, both in the summer and the winter. You’ll block the heat getting in thanks to the louvers blocking the UV rays, and you’ll block the heat loss in the winter thanks to the material.

Lighting control is another major benefit. The louvers work like slats on blinds. You just twist them, and you can block the light coming through. There’s no need to create complete darkness if you don’t want. With the right angle, you’ll be able to block the UV rays by redirecting them. The natural light still shines through. When you do want to block all the light, you just close up the louvers. They’re a little better than slats on blinds.

You’ll also gain privacy with plantation blinds in Versailles. It’s all about the louvers again. With a twist, you can block the view into the home with ease. Close them up completely and nobody can see in at all. You also can’t see out.

Shutters tend to offer more security than blinds. You have a physical barrier up against your windows, which will help to reduce the chances of people breaking into your home. This is what makes shutters so popular, especially for the outside of your home. Exterior shutters will also offer protect from storm damage.

Try not to get confused by all the terms when it comes to window coverings. Plantation shutters and plantation blinds in Versailles are interchangeable.

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