How Interior Window Shutters in Frankfort Can Help You

When you think about window shutters in Frankfort, you’ll probably initially think of the exterior options. They look beautiful outside the home, and they can certainly offer a range of benefits, especially in a storm.

However, exterior shutters don’t work for everyone. You want some of the benefits of shutters but inside your home. Are interior shutters any good?

They certainly can be. Here are four ways your home benefits from interior shutters.

They Help to Manage the Temperatures Throughout the Year

Whether it’s winter, summer, or a season in between, you need to manage the temperatures. When it comes to many window coverings, you’ll find something that works for the heat but not the cold or vice versa. That’s not the case with interior window shutters in Frankfort.

The window coverings are made of a material that offers insulation to the windows, blocking the heat loss in the winter. It can minimize the UV rays coming in during the summer, keeping temperatures down. You then get the best of both when it comes to the spring and fall with the fluctuating temperatures.

You Gain Privacy the Moment You Need It

You want privacy in your home. Exterior shutters will offer this, but it is time-consuming to get all the shutters closed. And it looks odd if you have the shutters closed for just one room. Interior window shutters in Frankfort are different.

The interior shutters will block the view immediately. It’s not time-consuming to close the shutters since they’re already on the inside of the room. All you have to do is decide how much you want to twist the louvers to block the view coming in and going out.

Interior Window Shutters Manage All Lighting Needs

The louvers are important. Many external shutters are the barn door type shutter. Once closed, they block all the light shining through.

Interior shutters tend to be plantation style. They have louvers that are a little like slats on venetian blinds. You twist them and it controls the amount of light is allowed into the home. Want a blackout effect? Close the louvers completely. Want to let all the light in? Sit the louvers parallel or just open the shutters completely.

They Require Very Little Maintenance on a Regular Basis

Outside window shutters in Frankfort will need a lot of work on a regular basis. You’ll need to clean them and make sure the hinges haven’t become damaged. You’ll need to check for rot and any broken pieces. They can suffer extensive damage in stormy weather.

Interior shutters don’t have that problem since they’re protected from the elements. They get dusty and you’ll need to clean them, but there’s not a lot of maintenance required. You may need to top up the protective layer on a yearly basis depending on the type of shutters you get.

While exterior shutters were once the most popular window covering, interior window shutters in Frankfort are becoming all the more popular. They could be just what your home needs.

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