Which Treatments from Hunter Douglas in Georgetown Should You Get for Heat Blocking?

Whether it’s summer or winter, you want to get window treatments that will block the heat. This is especially important with Hunter Douglas in Georgetown, as you’re not likely to buy different window coverings for each season.AS

It’s time to assess your options. Here are the top types of window coverings for heat blocking.

Get a Set of Blackout Shades for Your Windows

Shades come in a variety of styles, thicknesses, and colors. You can get light filtering shades, room darkening ones, or blackout shades. You want to consider the latter.

In both the summer and winter, blackout shades from Hunter Douglas in Georgetown can offer a range of heating benefits. In the summer, they block the UV rays coming into the home to prevent rising temperatures. During the winter, they’ll act as a block to prevent the heat escaping.

They’re not the most effective at their job, usually because of fabric material. They also block out all the light, which can be problematic when you want natural light without the glare. However, they’re a quick and cheap consideration.

Try Cellular Shades for Heat Management

A type of shade from Hunter Douglas in Georgetown that is often overlooked is the cellular shade. Part of this is because of the past styles that made them look like the cheap and tacky window treatments. That’s not the case anymore. Quality material means they look stunning in the home, while offering practical heat blocking benefits.

The cells will trap the air that flows. Warm air that flows into the cells will circulate back around and out the way it came. This offers benefits throughout the year.

In the summer, you also get the benefit of blocking UV rays getting into the home to reduce the temperatures. With the different styles, you don’t have to completely block out the light.

Opt for Faux Wood Blinds from Hunter Douglas in Georgetown

How about blinds? Faux wood blinds are considered the best options when it comes to heat blocking, but you could also consider real wood or metal blinds.

The benefit of blinds is that you have a covering across the whole window. With the slats closed, you prevent the UV rays shining through to manage temperatures in the summer months. In the winter, the slats will prevent the heat from escaping through the window, keeping your home warmer.

You’ll get something that looks great for the home. Faux wood is the best because the material won’t warp in the heat, you can get something for all décor needs, and you’ll gain maximum benefits for the decades to come. And yes, they last decades but don’t cost as much as real wood.

If you’re not looking for something permanent like shutters yet, you need to get blinds from Hunter Douglas in Georgetown. They offer a range of benefits, including the ability to be motorized. However, you want to get the right types. If heat blocking is your number one priority, you want to consider the three types of blinds and shades above for the best benefits.

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