3 Types of Plantation Shutters in Georgetown You Need to Consider

You know you want plantation shutters in Georgetown. You’ve even decided on the material and the color. Your decisions aren’t over just yet. You need to decide on the type of plantation shutter you get.

Wait, the type? This is about how the shutter fits into your window and will depend on where you’re placing the shutter. Here are the three types you need to consider.

Full-Sized Plantation Shutters to Cover the Whole Window

The first type is likely the one you’re already considering. Full-sized plantation shutters in Georgetown will cover the entire window. They are more like doors for the window, and you just open and close the one panel (either side of the window, usually).

You get to keep the louvers open when the shutters are closed. This is where you get all the benefits, such as temperature control and light management. Once you open the shutters, the entire window is clear and people will see through.

The biggest benefit is often cost. You just need to measure the window and get two panels that will meet in the middle like cupboard doors. There’s no need to worry about making sure things meet in the middle vertically as well as horizontally.

Tiered Plantation Shutters in Georgetown for Extra Control

What if you have very high windows? One full shutter could work, but sometimes you want to open the windows completely at the top but keep them covered at the bottom. This is where tiered plantation shutters are perfect.

The shutters are separate panels that sit one on top of the other. You can open the top panel without having to open the bottom. Think of it as a little like the stable doors when you want horses to be able to see out but not end up escaping, so the bottom panel remains locked.

You just get so much extra control with these types of shutters. When you want to block the glare from the top part of the window but allow the air to flow around the bottom, you get to just open the bottom shutters. When you want privacy but prefer to have air flowing and plenty of light coming in, you just open the top panels.

Tracked Shutters for Patio and Sliding Windows and Doors

If you have sliding windows and doors, you’ll want to look at getting tracked plantation shutters in Georgetown. These are put on a runner, so they slide back and forth in the direction of the sliding window or door. You get more use of your window.

You can also get some that fold instead of being placed on a runner. They work a little like a room divider, which means they can do more than just cover your sliding windows!

What do you need to achieve with your plantation shutters in Georgetown? What are your end goals when you get them installed? Knowing the answers to the questions will help you get the exact type of plantation shutter that is going to offer you the benefits you need.

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