6 Cool Things About Remote Control Blinds

Home automation is rapidly expanding what's possible in terms of controlling our living environments with the tap of a remote or smartphone app. As smart devices advance, once mundane appliances can now be adjusted on-demand to meet real-time needs. With dedicated remotes now controlling motorized blinds, say goodbye to frustrating manual adjustment experiences.

One area seeing innovation in remote functionality is window blinds and smart shades. Gone are the days of frustrating pull cords and wands that are hard to reach.  Motorized shades and blinds allow homeowners to conveniently control window treatments with the push of a button.

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1. Adjust Blinds Without Leaving Bed/Couch

Remote control blinds and shades allow you to adjust lighting and privacy from anywhere in your home without having to get up. Instead of fussing with wand tilts or pull cords, just tap your remote to raise and lower your motorized shades and tilt your motorized blinds

If you want to darken the room later on, a quick command lowers all your motorized shades in unison. Whether you want to filter an annoying glare while watching TV or quickly darken for a nap, smart blinds offer the ultimate customization with the push of a button or sound of your voice. Struggling with manual blinds is a thing of the past thanks to convenient app and voice control integration.

2. Schedule Automatic Adjustments

In addition to remote control, many motorized shades and blinds also come with scheduling capabilities. This allows you to program them to automatically adjust at certain times of day.

With automatic adjustments, you can have the living room blinds open mid-morning to let in natural light and warmth. In the evening, all blinds in the house can close to maintain insulation and darkness for bedtime. These automatic schedules help regulate light filtering and temperature in each room.

The ability to fully automate remote control blinds not only maximizes convenience but also energy efficiency for your home when you're living in it.

3. Integrate with Other Smart Devices

Remote control blinds aren’t just standalone devices. Many popular motorized blind systems now integrate with smart home hubs and broader ecosystems. Smart blinds can also integrate with security systems, energy monitoring, lighting controls, and more. This makes them reactive to time, weather, room occupancy, alarm events, electricity rates, and your unique lifestyle patterns.

Having remote control window treatments that play nicely with other devices allows for incredible customization. Perfect for setting the mood, maximizing efficiency, or simulating living patterns while traveling, smart blinds rise to the occasion as part of a coherent smart home ecosystem.

4. Enhanced Privacy and Light Control

Unlike manual blinds that only offer basic tilt adjustments, smart motorized blinds provide enhanced precision when it comes to controlling privacy and light.

You can set exact percentages for how open or closed you want the slats on your motorized blinds. This achieves the perfect angle for glare reduction while still preserving some outside visibility. It also eliminates gaps that often occur when manually rotating blinds.

A motorized window treatment also allows you to customize upper and lower shade heights to precisely regulate incoming light. Get full sun blockage at the bottom half of your room while leaving upper windows untouched for pleasant sky views, or vice versa to let refreshing low sunlight in while keeping visibility restricted higher up.

With app and voice controls, making these granular adjustments is effortless. No more fussing with cords and wands or climbing step stools to tweak multiple individual blinds!

Smart motorized blinds and smart shades provide more precision in light and privacy control compared to manual options. If you’re seeking a blackout option or a gentle ambient glow, automated blinds let you calibrate perfect conditions with ease. 

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5. Energy Efficiency

Smart motorized blinds provide energy efficiency benefits in several ways:

Insulation - Blinds lowered over windows prevent heat transfer, helping regulate indoor temperatures. Smart blind schedules ensure they close when needed for insulation.

Airflow - Adjustable slats can angle to allow ideal airflow from outside when ambient temperature is favorable.

Light Filtering - Partial closure blocks glare & heat gain from intense sunlight while still allowing light passage.

Passive Solar Heating/Shading - Automated adjustments based on variables like outdoor temperature and brightness can optimize solar energy gains and prevent overheating.

With their enhanced precision control and automation capabilities, remote control blinds allow intelligent passive heating/cooling tailored to conditions for maximum efficiency. Studies from the U.S. Dept. of Energy show proper window shade usage can reduce heating/cooling costs in homes by 25%.

6. Added Security

Smart motorized shades don’t just offer lifestyle conveniences - they also provide security benefits when you’re away from home. Just like lights, automated blinds can help create the illusion that your house is occupied as a deterrence to burglars.

Scheduling different scenes of opening and closing blinds throughout the house makes it appear someone is home and going about their daily routines.

Blind automation systems also often integrate with home alarm systems. If a triggered alarm event occurs like an unexpected door opening, blinds can spontaneously close to signal awareness - scaring off intruders. The ability to randomly control window blinds adds an extra layer of customizable security.

Combined with other smart home devices like lights and a TV simulator, automated shades help secure peace of mind when you’re away on vacation knowing your home looks lively and alert.

Remote Control Blinds from Budget Blinds

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From whole-home management with voice assistants to subtle lighting scenes, remote control blinds give you next-level relaxation and routine conveniences. Programmable schedules help automate your living environment and maximize energy savings while away and smart integrations with other devices enable a complete, customized home experience with your motorized shades contributing to optimized security, comfort, and entertainment at any time.

Though the upfront cost of installing power blinds or shades can be significant, over time the energy savings and daily luxuries stand out as valuable enhancements to your home. Embrace the automation trends and explore the surprisingly sophisticated world of remote-controlled window coverings with Budget Blinds! They modernize and personalize your home, give you the flexibility to enjoy life's simple pleasures, and add peace of mind while traveling — what’s not to love?

As a custom window treatment provider for over 30 years, we've kept the core focus on complementing your view, not blocking it. As experts in blinds and shades, Budget Blinds provides recommendations on innovative automated blinds to simplify and beautify your home. Contact us to determine which motorized shade suits your home and lifestyle today!

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