Why Get Battery-Powered Blinds from Hunter Douglas in Frankfort

You’re looking into getting new window coverings for the home, and you’ve decided motorized blinds are the way to go. There are a lot of brands available, with Hunter Douglas in Frankfort standing out the most.

When you start looking into your motorized options, you’ll realize there are different ways to power the blinds. Do you opt for battery-powered or electrical-powered? There are benefits to connecting to your home electricity, but you’ll want to consider battery-powered blinds.

The Batteries Will Last for at Least a Year

You’ll find that battery-powered blinds from Hunter Douglas in Frankfort don’t use as much power as you’d initially think. They don’t always use special batteries either. There are a lot of blinds that will use the standard batteries you’ll find in your local store. The amount of power needed is low enough to not run those batteries down fast.

In most cases, you’ll get a year’s use out of the batteries. This will depend on how often you use the blinds, but it’s really just like operating a child’s toy. The batteries are only going to be used when you power the blinds, and that can lead to months of use.

So, you’re saving money on your systems. You’ll spend the money for two or three batteries, depending on the number needed. If you went for electric-powered blinds, you’d need to spend money every time you used them, and this would work out more than the dollar or two for batteries every year.

Blinds from Hunter Douglas in Frankfort Will Protect the Environment

When you use battery-powered options, you don’t use fossil fuels every single time you work the blinds. Electric-powered blinds will use the fossil fuels each time. It doesn’t matter if you close only halfway or not, you’re still using the power in the home, and that means you’re burning fossil fuels.

You’re immediately protecting the environment by using fewer fossil fuels. The only time electric would be better is if your home runs solely off solar power or another source of renewable energy. Not many people are there yet.

Don’t you need to discard the batteries? There are ways to discard batteries in a way that protects the environment. This is something that is worth looking into rather than just adding them to the landfill.

You Don’t Need to Worry About Power Cuts

If you choose electric-powered blinds from Hunter Douglas in Frankfort, what are you going to do when the power goes? You won’t be able to work the blinds when there is no power, and that means you can’t gain your privacy or block any light. With battery-powered options, you don’t have to worry about that.

It doesn’t matter if your power goes. Batteries will still work, so you will still be able to gain your privacy. Sure, there may not be much that you can do in the house itself, but you still get to use your blinds.

Hunter Douglas in Frankfort is a trusted brand with a lot of great choices. When it comes to motorized options, consider battery-powered over anything else.

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