Can You Hang a Valance in Georgetown Without Other Window Treatments?

In most cases, your valance in Georgetown is a secondary, decorative window treatment. It can be used with a variety of other window coverings, whether you have blinds or drapes. But what if you don’t want another window treatment? Can you use valances on their own?

There’s nothing stopping you from doing a window treatment in a way that suits your preferences. Here are some top considerations if you want a valance on its own.

Valances Don’t Offer Lighting, Privacy, or Heating Benefits

A valance in Georgetown can look absolutely beautiful on its own. The window treatment stands out as a solo piece of material. However, it’s only a decorative item for the window.

Something to remember is that a valance doesn’t offer any lighting, privacy, or heating benefits. The way the valance hangs is from the top of the window. Some will have a bit of extra material at the side or hanging from the top, but you don’t get anything that covers the whole window. This is why they tend to be used with a primary window treatment.

But you may not worry about the privacy. You may not be bothered about heating benefits or lighting control. Sometimes, you just want a decorative item for your windows. This is often the case for a kitchen or a den or even an attic room. In this case, a valance in Georgetown can be perfect on its own.

You’ll certainly allow in plenty of light. You can help to reduce that with a darker material for your valance, making it stand out but not block all the natural light coming through the room. With the right style of valance, you can reduce some of the glare at high noon since you can block the sun’s rays, but there’s no way you’ll get rid of natural light.

A Valance in Georgetown Can Be Great for Small Windows

When it comes to the smaller windows, you want to think carefully about your window treatments. Too many will make your windows look smaller than they really are. And there are high chances with a small window you have a small room. You make the space feel much smaller, which can leave to claustrophobia.

You want something that helps to break up the space between wall and window but without creating this sense of drawing the room in. A valance is perfect for this. It attracts attention and breaks up the area, but it doesn’t block the window at all. You can get something that works perfectly for the window size.

Some valances will cover about a third or a half of the window. Others will only cover the top quarter of the window or so. Measure the window carefully and think about how much of the window you want to block.

You don’t have to get blinds or drapes for your windows. A valance in Georgetown can certainly work on its own, especially for smaller windows. You just need to consider the downside of only having a valance.

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