Are Shutters in Harrodsburg Safe for Pets?

You don’t have children in the house, but you do have pets. Now it’s time to think about them when it comes to new window treatments. You want to get shutters in Harrodsburg, but you need to make sure that they’re suitable for all furry members of the family.

Will shutters be a safe option? Is there something else that you should consider for the space? Here’s what makes shutters so great for those with pets.

There Are Zero Cords to Worry About

Like with children, pets don’t understand the dangers of cords on the window coverings. Cats, especially, love to play with things that dangle, and they could end up playing with the cords on your blinds or shades. This puts them at risk if the cords develop a loop that tightens around body parts. Shutters in Harrodsburg don’t bring that danger into the home.

The shutters don’t have any cords on show. Everything to make the louvers work is inside the wood or PVC of the shutters. There’s nothing to pull on, making these some of the safest options for everyone in the house.

While you can add a secondary window covering, like curtains, to the shutters, you want to avoid them with pets. You’re just adding something that is somewhat dangerous when you already have the safety of the shutters.

Animals Are Less Likely to Climb

Cats are a little more unpredictable than other animals when it comes to climbing. If you do have a cat that loves to climb on things, you’ll want to find ways to minimize that. Shutters in Harrodsburg aren’t climber-proof, but they are a little harder for cats to get up. You could close the louvers completely if you want to keep the cats on the ground.

Even when the louvers are open, they’re a little harder to climb on than the likes of curtains and shades. There isn’t the material to stick the claws into. However, you may find that there is some damage to the PVC or wood material as the cats attempt it at first.

The Material Doesn’t Collect Fur

This isn’t really a safety concern for the animals, but it could be one for people visiting your home. Some people are allergic to animals. Your window coverings can end up collecting the pet fur and dander, causing problems for visitors. You can get around that with shutters in Harrodsburg.

These window coverings aren’t made of fabric. The PVC and wood materials don’t tend to collect as much fur and dirt as some other types of materials, making the shutters much safer for the whole family. This is also great for maintenance as you won’t need to do as much cleaning as you would with some other window coverings.

There are some excellent window coverings if you have pets in the house. The first thing to do is to make sure you have no cords. Shutters in Harrodsburg will offer some excellent safety benefits, as well as being low maintenance for pet owners.

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