Can You Use Plantation Shutters in Paris in Rooms with Humidity?

When it comes to looking for the best window coverings for the home, you’ll need to consider the humidity levels of each room. Plantation shutters in Paris are beautiful and practical additions to the majority of rooms in the home. The question is whether they’ll work for these more humid of rooms in the house.

We’re mostly talking about the bathroom. However, you’ll want to consider how humid your kitchen, attic, and garage get.

It Depends on the Material of the Plantation Shutters in Paris

Before you start making choices about shutters in each of the rooms, you’ll need to consider the material. Faux wood is one of the best options for shutters. It’s a durable and versatile material, working for the majority of rooms in the house. You’ll gain all the lighting and heating control that you need, and the style of shutter immediately offers privacy.

What about handling humidity? Faux wood can be good, but it’s not perfect. It’s doing to depend on maintenance and the layer of protection over the wood on the inside against the humidity in the room. Vinyl and PVC shutters are excellent for rooms with a lot of humidity. They don’t look as good as faux wood, but you’ve got something that isn’t going to warp or let the moisture in to damage the window covering.

Real wood is a definite no-no in humid rooms. This material will succumb to warping and water damage. It doesn’t matter how much maintenance you perform; you’ll find there’s a problem for the shutters in this room. The last thing you want is to pay for new shutters after 10 years because they’re no longer fit for purpose. They’re supposed to last much longer.

It Depends on the Level of Humidity in the Room

Which room are you looking at adding plantation shutters in Paris in exactly? What is the level of humidity in that room? How long does that humidity stick around?

With a bathroom, you can get away with plantation shutters because of the system set up to prevent other problems because of the moisture. You’ll have an extractor fan, or maybe you open the window straight after a shower to get the moisture out. Either way, you get the water out of the air, and that helps to protect your shutters.

When it comes to the attic or garage, you can find the humidity sticks around for much longer. This puts more pressure on whatever material you choose for the plantation shutters in Paris. It’s something you’ll need to think carefully about as you could end up needing to replace them far too soon.

The attic is one of the hardest rooms to manage. The heat rises, so you’re not just dealing with a bit of moisture in the air. It gets very hot causing extra problems for your shutters.

Plantation shutters in Paris are popular options, and they can work for some humid rooms. You’ll need to get the material just right for whichever room you choose.

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