Plantation Shutters vs. Plantation Blinds in Cynthiana: Is There a Difference Between the Two?

There are many types of window treatments, and some have multiple names for the same things. You’ll have heard of plantation shutters, but what about plantation blinds in Cynthiana? Are the two the same thing or something completely different?

This is one of those cases where a different name is given to the same type of window treatment. Calling them blinds isn’t quite right, though. They are shutters.

So where do they get the name plantation blinds from? It’s all to do with the style with the louvers.

Plantation Shutters Can Look Like Blinds

These types of shutters have louvers that are a little like slats on venetian blinds. However, since they also have the outer framework, they look like plantation shutters. So they can often be called plantation blinds in Cynthiana instead of shutters.

The louvers are the parts that offer the most benefits. You can open them to let the light in but change the direction of them to avoid glare and people seeing into your home. It’s possible to block all light if you need it, as well as blocking the heat loss in the winter months.

You get all the same benefits as plantation shutters, because they are the exact same thing. You’ll just need to decide on the color that you get.

Plantation Blinds in Cynthiana Can Be Motorized

There is a small difference when it comes to the naming of the window treatments. Plantation blinds are more likely be motorized, whether you control by a remote or through your smart devices.

They still look like plantation shutters and offer the same benefits. The difference is they are controlled like motorized window treatments. You can manage everything from the push of a button.

These types of blinds can be locked in place. Unlike plantation shutters that can be opened up fully like a door, these window coverings remain snug in the window and you just use the louvers.

They’re Perfect for Permanent Window Coverings

Whatever the name, you want to consider them if you’re looking for permanent window treatments. Plantation shutters and plantation blinds in Cynthiana will offer excellent value for money. You make up the money you pay for them through heating benefits, lighting control, privacy and security, and the added value to your home.

Just like shutters, plantation blinds will add extra value to your home. After all, they are shutters! Potential buyers see that you have something in place that will manage the heat loss and offer more functionality around your windows. If you have them motorized, especially connected to a smart device, you increase the value even more.

Don’t get boggd down by the names given to window treatments. You just want to see the benefits that everything offers, so you can find something that suits your exact needs. Plantation shutters and plantation blinds in Cynthiana are the same thing for the most part. It mostly comes down to the ability to motorize the window treatments, but that’s all.

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