Will Shutters in Versailles Manage the Glare Easily?

One of the big problems with windows is glare. There’s all this sun coming through, and that brings UV rays. You need window coverings to help manage the glare, and that’s led to you looking at shutters in Versailles.

Many companies tout more lighting control as a reason to get shutters. Is this really the case? Could shutters manage your glare easily?

Look at the Type of Shutters First

Before you jump into a purchase, you need to assess the type of shutters in Versailles you’re considering. Board and batten shutters will certainly help to get rid of the glare, but you’re also getting rid of all the natural light during the day. Is that what you really want?

You need something more like colonial or plantation shutters. These have louvers that look a lot like slats on venetian blinds. They’ll help you control the direction of the glare coming into your home.

You’re Moving the Direction of the Glare

When it does come to using shutters in Versailles for the light, you’re simply moving the direction of the glare. The UV rays will bounce off the louvers and reflect to a different part of the home. This is fine if you’re just wanting to get the light out of your eyes. You can twist the louvers a little to make the UV rays bounce to the ceiling instead.

Just keep in mind the damage that the rays can do to wherever you’re bouncing the light to. This doesn’t mean that shutters can’t be used. It’s just to point out a small flaw in them.

The good thing about shutters is that you can twist the louvers to bounce the UV rays out of the window. This protects your ceiling, flooring, and furniture from the UV ray damage. You also end up far more comfortable in your home without the glare. Twisting the slats is very easy. You only need to start twisting one and they should all follow.

You May Not Manage Rising Temperatures

Something to keep in mind is the problem with rising temperatures. UV rays hitting the glass of the windows will cause temperatures in the home to go up. It’s the greenhouse effect in the house. You want to block the UV rays coming in to prevent this. Shutters in Versailles can be good, but they’re not perfect.

If you’re only redirecting the rays, you’re still getting hit with some of the rising temperatures. This will mean putting the air con on more.

When you manage to reflect the UV rays back out, you don’t have as much of a problem. The temperatures will remain more consistent.

Board and batten shutters don’t have this problem. They block all the light all the time. You’re not getting any UV rays, which means you won’t have the problem of rising temperatures.

When it comes to managing glare in the home easily, shutters in Versailles are worth considering. Make sure you get the right style and use them in the right way for the majority of the benefits.

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