Plantation Blinds in Georgetown: Mixing Blinds and Shutters for Maximum Benefits

There isn’t such a thing as plantation blinds in Georgetown. You will have heard of plantation shutters, but they don’t tend to come as a blind. What you’re likely thinking of at venetian or Persian blinds. The good news is you can find blinds that will offer you the same benefits as shutters.

A major downside of shutters is their permanence. You may not be in a position to buy a house and you don’t want to install shutters in your rental. So you need to get the benefit of shutters with “plantation blinds.” Here’s what you really need.

Get a Set of Venetian or Persian Blinds

When you think of plantation blinds in Georgetown, you’re likely thinking about venetian or Persian blinds. This is a common mistake to make. After all, the slats on the blinds are very similar to the louvers on your plantation shutters. In fact, they work in the same way and offer many of the same benefits.

Venetian blinds are likely closer to plantation shutters. It’s all about the way they twist. A set of venetian blinds tend to only twist 90 degrees, always sitting with the overlap at the bottom of each slat. Persian blinds will work 180 degrees and you can get the overlap at the top of each slat.

Either way, you’re gaining many benefits from the window treatments. The next step is making sure your material is right.

Make Sure the Material Is Right

When you want a set of plantation blinds in Georgetown, you need to work with the material your shutters would be. For internal shutters, this is usually going to be faux wood, which is a popular and affordable material. You want to look for faux wood or vinyl blinds instead of fabric or real wood options.

Faux wood doesn’t warp in the heat. It will help to manage the temperatures in your home in both the winter and summer. You’ll gain maximum privacy and cost benefits. There’s no need to look at any other material.

Use Your Plantation Blinds in Georgetown Effectively

Finally, you need to make sure your blinds are used effectively. You’d likely keep your plantation shutters closed all the time. You just move the louvers to allow the light and view into your home. When you’re ready to block the heat loss or the UV rays coming in, you just close the louvers.

You need to do the same with your slats on your blinds. Keep the blinds down to cover the windows at all times of the day. When you want to allow some light in, you can just twist the slats, opening them so they’re perpendicular to the floor. When you’re ready to block heat and light, just close the slats completely.

While you can’t get plantation blinds in Georgetown, you can get something that looks like plantation shutters but are cheaper. You just need to get the right types of blinds and use them in the most effective way for your home.

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