Why It’s All About Material for Real Blackout Window Shades in Georgetown

You’re looking into getting window coverings for the bedroom that will completely block out all the light. You’ve seen some beautiful options that are dark in color, but that’s not what you want to look into. When it comes to getting blackout window shades in Georgetown, it’s going to be all about material.

Doesn’t color affect something? While the color will help to reduce the amount of light that comes through, you can get lighter colors and still get a blackout effect with the right material. Here’s why it’s all about the material.

Dark Colors Can Still End Up Just Filtering Light

Take a look at certain types of window shades in Georgetown. You can get dark-colored solar shades. They won’t block out all the light despite the color of the shades. They’re designed to filter the light. While they filter more natural light than lighter colors, they still don’t put your room into complete darkness.

The material is all wrong. With solar shades, it’s all about managing the type of light that comes through. The material itself is designed to block UV rays but allows natural light into the room. It doesn’t matter about the color.

Dark-Colored Window Shades in Georgetown Can Enclose a Room

You need to consider the size of the room. If you get dark colors, you run the risk of making a room look a lot smaller than it really is. Whether the shades are closed or open, the darker colors will absorb the light instead of reflecting it.

Sure, with blackout shades, you want to absorb the light. However, you only want to do this when the shades are closed. If they’re open, the aim is to let as much light into the room as possible. With dark-colored shades and other window coverings, you will still always have that coloring that makes a room look a lot smaller than it is.

This can take away from the comfort in the room. If you have a small room, you need to open up the space.

The Right Material Blocks All the Light Shining Through

There are some great blackout window shades in Georgetown that offer brighter colors and great prints. It’s the material that affects the light. You don’t even need to buy vinyl or faux wood blinds to get the blackout benefits.

Look at some of the roller and roman shades out there. They are thicker materials that will prevent any light from shining through. They often have a liner on the side of the shade that faces the window. This helps to protect the overall shade from UV damage.

The right material also helps to block some of the heat loss. You can get dark-colored shades that darken the room, but the material is on the thinner side and allows the heat to escape during the night. When you get the thicker material, you save more money on your utility bills.

While you’ll certainly want to think about color for any window coverings, this isn’t what to judge when it comes to blackout window shades in Georgetown. It’s all about the material.

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