How Long Will It Take You to Save Up for Lutron Shades in Lawrenceburg?

You want to get motorized window coverings. Lutron shades in Lawrenceburg are certainly excellent investments for the home, but they’re not the cheapest window coverings you’ll find. That’s not surprising when you consider the word “investment.”

It’s important to save up for the window coverings. Just how long is it going to take? This will depend on your financial needs and situation, but there are some guides you can follow to help.

How Much Are Lutron Shades in Lawrenceburg?

The exact price is going to depend on the type of blinds you get and where you place them. These are custom blinds, so the cost is affected by the size and material needed. So, you’ll need to make sure you get quotes for your window coverings.

To get a rough idea, most of the shades will start at around $600. This is just for one shade, and you’ll need to add Lutron shades to all windows in the home.

You can get Lutron shades that aren’t motorized, and they will keep the costs down. But don’t you want the ease of motorized window covers?

Let’s just work with the $600 minimum per shade and for say 10 windows in the house. You’re looking at $6,000 just to start.

How Much Can You Save Each Month?

Now you know the basic cost of your Lutron shades in Lawrenceburg, you’ll need to look at how much you can save each month toward the window coverings. If you can only save a couple of hundred dollars per month, you’re looking at it taking a few years to save up for the window coverings.

When you can save more, say $500 to $600 per month, you could save up the money within a year. This is certainly worth looking at if you want to get ready for the elements this time next year.

Can’t You Just Put It on Credit?

There are a lot of companies that will offer you credit for your Lutron shades in Lawrenceburg. It can feel like this is the best option to make sure you get your window coverings as soon as you want. However, putting the investment on a credit card or a store credit option is not the best.

Remember that these are an investment. You’re going to make the money back over time. You could make the money back for just one of the shades within a year depending on how well you use them.

If you put the costs on credit, you’re going to incur interest. Those three years it took you to save at $200 per month are interest-free. It will take you longer to clear at $200 per month when you put it on credit. With the interest, it could take you five years. That’s two extra years where you’re not making back your investment.

Now is the time to start saving for your Lutron shades in Lawrenceburg. Get some quotes and find out how much you’re looking at. Then you can make a plan to save up for your options.

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