Should You Repair or Replace Broken Vertical Blinds in Lawrenceburg?

You have some great window coverings, but there’s one problem. Your vertical blinds in Lawrenceburg are broken. Now you need to decide whether it’s worth repairing the damage or just replacing the whole system.

It’s going to depend on the type of damage. There are times that repairing is perfect, but sometimes, a full replacement is going to work out more cost effective

When You Have a Broken Slat

If it’s just one of the slats on your vertical blinds in Lawrenceburg, you’ll want to look at repairing it. This will depend on how it’s broken, but a lot of the time, the slat breaks at the top because it’s been pulled on. You can usually do a quick fix to get it back onto the system.

You could even look at replacing just that one slat. You’ll want to go back to where you got the blinds from to make sure you get the same style of slat to match the rest. There’s nothing worse than having one slat that looks different.

If more than one slat is broken, you’ll want to look at replacing the whole system. This is a sign that the blinds are coming to the end of their life cycles, and it’s going to cost you more money to replace things in the future.

When the Blinds Don’t Move Easily

When you pull the vertical blinds in Lawrenceburg on and off, how easy do the slats move? What about when you’re twisting them open and closed? When the mechanism starts to get difficult to open and close, it’s a sign that the whole system needs replacing.

You’ll usually find this happens after a decade or so of having the blinds in place. The parts get worn out, and it’s simply time to either replace the parts or replace the blinds. Usually, it’s going to be cheaper and easier to get a new set of blind, and you can get something that offers the benefits you want at the time.

When the Slats Are Stained

The slats on your vertical blinds in Lawrenceburg may not be broken, but they may be stained. You can usually clean them, and if you stay on top of maintenance, this won’t be a problem. Even with fabric blinds, you can usually take them down and wash them to get rid of the discoloration.

However, there are times that the staining won’t come out. This is a sign that it’s time to replace your window coverings. It doesn’t mean you haven’t maintained them well. Discoloration happens due to the UV rays, so over the years, you’re going to see your white blinds aren’t as white anymore. It is more common with white than any other color, so if you have darker colors, you may not see it as early.

If it’s just one slat, replace that one. If it’s all the slats, you’ll want to replace the whole system.

Vertical blinds in Lawrenceburg look great and offer a wide range of benefits. You don’t want to replace the whole system if you can avoid it, but there are times that a replacement is cheaper than a repair.

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