Should You Consider Smart Lutron Shades in Shelbyville?

There are many types of shades available. When it comes to Lutron shades in Shelbyville, you can opt for the various styles, but you also need to consider the way the motorized elements are going to work. You can choose remote or smart.

Smart shades will work with the internet. You can control from an app or through your voice-activated device like Google Home or Amazon Echo. Are these the type of shades you need to invest in? Here are four questions to answer to help you decide.

Do You Want the Control from a Distance?

The biggest benefit of the smart Lutron shades in Shelbyville is the ability to control at a distance. This is more than just controlling from the other side of the room. You can control your blinds from the other side of the world! Yes, really!

It’s possible to get your home ready for when you get home from work. If it’s been a bad day and you want to hide from the world, you can make sure your home is ready for that feeling.

Do You Want to Control All Shades at Once?

How about the ability to control every shade in the home at the same time? That’s something that is possible with smart Lutron shades in Shelbyville. You can set up the system so that when you press a particular button, all shades will open and close at the same time.

It's also possible to set things up on a timer. You can work the shades in a way that benefits the individual rooms during the day but then at a night, everything shuts together. You’ve cut out the need to go from room to room.

Will Controlling Lutron Shades in Shelbyville by Voice Help?

What about being able to control by voice? Maybe you forgot to close the blinds before you left work. Or maybe you just didn’t realize how cold it would be when you got home, or the traffic was bad and now you want to hide from the world. You don’t have to wait to get your coat off to start moving the blinds.

You can just as Alexa or Google to do it all for you. It’s possible to control things by speaking, just like you are doing with your music, your lights, and more.

Do You Want to Avoid Looking for the Remote?

If you have a stable internet connection, opting for smart Lutron shades in Shelbyville can be a great idea. One thing you’ll find is you never have to look for the remote again. And we all know that remotes end up in a black hole in the house, right?

You’ll be able to ask your voice-activated devices to do the work if you can’t find your phone. Although, we know it’s easier to find a phone than it is to find a silent remote.

You know you want Lutron shades in Shelbyville, and now it’s time to figure out which type you’re getting. Smart shades could be just what you’ve needed for an easier life.

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