Why Yellow and Orange Are Great Colors for Drapes in Frankfort

There are just so many different types of window coverings out there. You’ve decided on drapes in Frankfort, but now you need to decide on the color.

It’s time to look at colors that will boost your mood. Step away from the colors that match the season and think about how the colors are good or bad for your mental health. That’s especially the case during the winter months when there’s less daylight.

There are two colors you want to consider for your drapes. Yellow and orange are the best options. Not sure if they’re going to work? Here’s why you need to consider them for your drapes in Frankfort.

Yellow Is the Color of the Sun

Let’s start with yellow, which will likely make more sense when it comes to boosting the mood. Yellow is likely one of the colors you connect to the summer the most. After all, it’s the color of the sun and the color that you see in most paintings that involve beaches, meadows, and other summery pictures.

You’ll immediately think of these bright pictures. You think of the trees in full bloom and consider the heat of the sun. It makes you feel warmer, so you’re going to be happier in your home.

This can work with all shades of yellow. A bolder color can work better. You want something that stands out and makes you feel like the sun is around. However, you can also work with pastel colors, still bringing in a sense of ice cream, the beach, and chalk.

Orange Offers a Sense of the Heat in Drapes in Frankfort

Sometimes, the sun can have an orange look. This happens when it’s rising and setting, and you start to get the beautiful colors during the summer months. You want to bring a sense of that in the house, reminding you of dusk on the patio and chilling out with friends.

Deeper orange colors will also bring the thought of fire. You get the sense of the heat from the fire through your drapes in Frankfort, making it feel mentally warmer in the house. You feel like that fire is next to you.

Orange is also one of those colors that can make a lot of people naturally feel happier. It’s not about memories but about the way our brains mysteriously work. We get this sense of being warmer and we smile more. You’ll need to use the heating less with the right window coverings because mentally you feel like it’s warmer in the house.

It's Time to Get the Right Colors

You may be amazed by the way the colors of drapes in Frankfort can help boost the mood. Getting the right color will help bring a sense of happiness and warmth in the room. Even when it’s dark when you get in from work, you can feel the positivity radiating from the drapes.

Think about yellow or orange drapes in Frankfort. You may be surprised by the way they boost your mood naturally.

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