How to Make Your Window Treatments in Shelbyville Match Your Décor

Whether you’re just moving in or looking to change up your current décor, you need to think about your window treatments in Shelbyville. It’s important to make sure your window treatments will still work for the new décor, or that you get a new set of window coverings that work for the new space.

It isn’t too hard to make your window treatments work. There are a few tricks to make sure your window treatments match your décor.

Work With Neutral Window Treatments

The best way to start is by making your window treatments in Shelbyville as neutral as possible. Opt for white or cream, or you can choose brown and black if you prefer a darker neutral tone. Either way, your window coverings won’t cause a problem with the rest of your décor.

When you choose neutral, you can opt for any other color with your paint or furniture. White is often the favorite color because it allows the light to reflect around the home. Even on dark and dreary days, you don’t necessarily feel like you’re living in a cave. You don’t need to always put the lights on.

You can also work with wood colors, which is great if you want faux wood or real wood blinds. Wood tones tend to be on the neutral side and work well with most other décor needs.

Make Your Window Treatments in Shelbyville Your Base

Instead of making your window coverings the last part of the décor, consider making them the base. You can pick a bold color that you love to look at. Or maybe you can opt for a set of patterned drapes or curtains that will stand out.

From there, you build on that color. In some cases, your furniture is going to be a neutral color. Some will opt for wood while others will get white or grey furniture. Your throws, ornaments, and pillows can add to the color scheme you’ve started with your window treatments.

You can even add to the color scheme through paint. Consider painting one wall the same color as your window treatments. Or you could opt for the baseboards instead. You continue that one color around the room.

Just remember that if you want to change the color in the future, you’ll need to consider your window treatments. If they’re the base, you have to change everything.

Consider Contrasting Colors on the Wheel

Just because you’ve chosen a color in the room doesn’t mean you have to stick with that color or a neutral color for your window treatments in Shelbyville. You could opt for a contrasting color.

Choose the color wheel for the right contrasting colors. For example, red and green are great opposites, or you can choose blue and orange. Purple and yellow also work well opposite each other. You’ll add more color without being distracting.

Do you want to run the risk of changing everything in the future or do you want window treatments in Shelbyville that can remain regardless of décor changes? That’s going to affect the coloring you choose regardless of your window covering choices.

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