Can You Use a Valance in Frankfort on Its Own?

You’ll hear a lot about how a valance in Frankfort is a great option to add to your drapes. You create a cover for three sides of the window, creating this beautiful look. But do you really need the drapes?

You may have blinds in your windows. Or maybe you have windows that don’t necessarily need any window coverings up. You just want to get something that’s on the decorative side, especially if you have those narrow types of windows that don’t dress well with window coverings.

What are your options? Do valances work on their own?

A Valance in Frankfort Is a Beautiful Addition

You can certainly use valances on their own. They can end up being beautiful additions to small windows.

You could have a small but long window that doesn’t quite look right with other window coverings. You’ll still want to dress them, and with the height being so small, you could find that you gain some practical benefits from your valances.

The other time they really work is for those long and narrow windows, usually in a hallway. You don’t necessarily need to cover up the window fully. It may not let a lot of direct light in, or maybe you don’t need to worry about privacy. What you want is for it to look pretty, and the various styles of valances will do that.

Grab a Scarf Valance for Decorative Benefits

When you double your valance in Frankfort with drapes or other window coverings, you can end up limited on the types of valances you can choose. You have to match the style of drapes or curtains. This isn’t just about color, but about material and style too.

That’s not the case when you keep the valance on its own. You can pick up all types of styles, and the scarf style is one of them. This drapes over the rod at the top of the window like a scarf around your neck. You can change it up for the season, and it becomes more of a statement piece than anything else. There’s nothing practical about it, but it sure looks pretty.

It Will Depend on the Type of Window

While you can certainly use a valance in Frankfort on its own, you’ll need to consider the window. Look at the type of window you’re dressing. Think about the place in the home and any benefits you need to gain from window coverings.

For example, the bedroom will require privacy and some heating benefits. You’ll need other window coverings in this room and the valance adds extra decoration. The same applies to the living room where you’ll want privacy and to sometimes block all the light.

It is possible to buy a valance in Frankfort on its own. For some windows, this is perfect. You add something decorative to the home where you wouldn’t usually place a window covering. However, the valance isn’t going to work for all rooms, and sometimes you need something far more practical.

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