Are Motorized Shades in Cynthiana Safe for the Children?

When it comes to getting any type of shade, there is one concern: safety. You have children in the house, and you’ve heard all about the horror stories. So, now, as you start looking at motorized shades in Cynthiana, there is one question on your mind.

You’ve heard about the benefits, but are they safe? Are these the type of window coverings you can have up without worrying about strangulation risks or other damage? You may have just found the best option for safety.

There Are No Cords to Motorized Blinds

Let’s start with the fact that motorized shades in Cynthiana come without cords. Okay, there are still some set up with cords between the slats, but traditional shades are fabric material that covers the windows in full. You just usually had the cord that would help you roll the shades up and down. You don’t need that cord with motorized shades.

Everything is controlled by the motor. There’s no need to have a cord as a backup. In fact, usually, you’re getting battery powered window coverings, so you don’t even need to worry about what happens when the electricity goes out.

The only time you need a backup is if you have smart shades. In this case, there’s usually a battery system that allows you to control things by a remote, or you may have a pull-down system built into the blinds.

Children Don’t Need to See Them Move

In a lot of cases, safety is about keeping things out of sight. That way, they’re out of mind. If your children see you opening and closing the window coverings, they become intrigued. Children go up and try to operate the shades themselves, and this can lead to accidents. You don’t have to worry about this as much with motorized shades in Cynthiana.

It’s possible to control the shades from a distance. If you have smart shades, you can even operate things from another room. This gets the shades pulled down ready to put toddlers down for a nap without them seeing what you’re doing.

There is less of a chance that they’ll climb on furniture to play with the blinds. You’ll also have less of a risk of the blinds being pulled down off the walls as children hang on them.

More Privacy for Your Children

It’s not just about safety in the home. You’ll want to offer your children the best privacy they can get, and motorized shades in Cynthiana make that possible. You get something that you can control throughout the day with ease.

If your children are playing in their bedroom, you can pull the shades down a little without being in there to keep the view from them. This is also great for dens and living rooms. On a night, you can quickly close the shades as the sun sets so people can’t see into your house.

Safety is a No. 1 concern for parents when it comes to window treatments. Motorized shades in Cynthiana are among the safest of options for children.

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