What Color Valance in Frankfort Do You Need?

You know you want a valance in Frankfort for your windows. They look beautiful and will offer some practical benefits you want to make the most of. Now you need to figure out which color you want to choose.

As they’re made of fabric, you get a lot of choices when it comes to colors. There are so many choices that it can become overwhelming. Here are some top considerations to make so you can find the best valances for your windows.

Work with the Color of Your Window Coverings

One of the best ways to choose your color is by looking at your current window coverings. This is especially if you’re using drapes or curtains, or something else that comes in a less-than-neutral tone. You don’t want to clash with the color of your window coverings, so if you already have something that is colorful, you’ll want to match that.

What if your window coverings are neutral? You could opt for a valance in Frankfort that stands out. This is how you can add the color around your windows.

Opt for Something Bold to Stand Out

Not everyone will have window coverings. You may have windows that you just don’t need to cover because there are no concerns about privacy or lighting control. In this case, you’ll want your valance in Frankfort to be the decorative item it’s designed to be.

Choose a bold color. Opt for your favorite color to make the windows stand out. You’ll draw attention to the space, opening up the conversation for anyone who walks in. You’ll just need to think of other colors in the room to stand out for the right reasons.

Choose a Valance in Frankfort to Match the Wall Color

Speaking of other colors in the room, how about matching your valances to the wall colors? This is great if you have an accent wall on either the side with the curtain or on the opposite side of the room. You match with the accent wall to continue the coloring.

If your walls are on the neutral side, you may want to rethink matching. However, you can create a seamless look by opting for the same color. It really depends on what you want to achieve with the valance in the room.

Keep Things Completely Neutral Around Your Windows

Finally, consider keeping your valance in Frankfort neutral. This is perfect if you just want to use the material as a way to cover hardware around your windows. It’s also a perfect option if you rent and you don’t know how long you’re going to be there for. Will the valances work for the next home?

The problem with neutral is that it can get a little boring. You can feel like you’re sacrificing personality for the sake of practicality.

A valance in Frankfort is a great way to add style and decoration to a home. It’s time to think about the colors you’ll choose, whether you have other window treatments or not.

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