Which Blinds in Versailles Are Best for Privacy Without Light Loss?

Managing the privacy in your home is important. You want blinds in Versailles that are going to stop people seeing through your windows. At the same time, you won’t want to lose the natural light during the day.

There are some blinds that are perfect for privacy, but they lose all the natural light. Which blinds can you get that will give you everything you require in the house?

Venetian or Vertical Blinds Are the Best

While shutters actually end up being the best option, not everyone can afford or even wants the permanent window coverings. You need the next best thing, and that means turning to slat blinds in Versailles. The great news is there are different types of slats depending on the size and style of your windows.

Venetian and vertical blinds differ in the way the slats hang. One is vertical and one is horizontal. However, both styles will offer you the same privacy benefits. You just twist the slats, and you’ll block the view into the home. It really is that quick and simple.

If you close the slats completely, you will lose light. You don’t need to do this, though. By twisting the slats a little, you can make it difficult for people to see in and keep the natural light shining through. The best thing is you get the light without the glare, so you’re reducing temperatures in the summer at the same time.

Cellular Blinds Are the Next Best Thing

Now it comes to cellular blinds in Versailles. These are worth considering if you don’t quite have the budget for slatted blinds. The window coverings are made of fabric, and you can mount them in the window frames to get rid of the cords. There are different types of cellular blinds, but you want to look at those with a top-down as well as a bottom-up approach.

The top-down blinds will allow you to keep the bottom of your window covered. You keep the privacy, but you pull the top down to allow natural light in from the top. When you want to block the light, just pull the blind back up.

The material isn’t blackout material. This will still allow some natural light in even when covering your entire window.

Solar Blinds for the Daytime

When you want privacy during the day, you’ll want to turn to solar blinds in Versailles. These work like one-way mirrors. You block the view into the home from the direction the light shines. So, during the day, people can’t see in, but you’re letting all the natural light into the room that you want—without the glare.

On a night, you lose privacy. It’s important to have another window covering to keep privacy on a night. You can get blackout options now because you don’t need to worry about letting natural light into your home.

There are plenty of options when it comes to window coverings for privacy. The three types of blinds in Versailles above are going to be your best options to get privacy without light loss.

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