How Long Will Batteries on Lutron Shades in Georgetown Last?

It’s important to get window coverings that will last. After all, with something like Lutron shades in Georgetown, you’re making a huge investment in your home. That investment needs to last for the years, and sometimes decades, to come.

While the shades themselves are made to last, you’ll need to look at the power supply. A lot of motorized shades run on a battery, and you’ll need to know how long that battery lasts. How easy is the battery to replace?

Battery Life for Lutron Shades

Everyone is going to be slightly different. The length of time the battery in your Lutron shades in Georgetown lasts will depend on how you use the window coverings. The more you use them, the more power you need. This then runs the batteries down.

On average, a battery is going to last around three years. This is based on opening and closing a blind twice a day, every day of the year. If you need to open and close more frequently, you’re not going to get as long out of the battery. When you need to use the blinds less, you’ll end up saving some time on the battery.

It will also depend on the type of shade you have. Heavier materials will require extra power to open and close. The three-year life is based on a lot of fabric Lutron shades in Georgetown.

Connecting to a Power Supply

Instead of a battery, you could get shades that are connected to a power supply. This is a great way to save some money. The use on the power supply is not going to add that much to your electricity costs.

It’s just worth keeping in mind that you needed to connect to the power supply in some way. If you don’t have a plug socket near your window, you will need to look at other ways to connect the system. This can lead to some extra wires in the house. The battery pack will avoid this problem.

You’ll want a battery backup for those connected to the home’s power. Power cuts can happen, but with a battery backup, you’ll still be able to operate your Lutron shades in Georgetown. These batteries will last longer since they’re not used as frequently.

Replacement Battery Costs

It’s important to know the type of batteries you’ll need for your Lutron shades in Georgetown. How much will replacements set you back? There is some excellent news, as you don’t need specialist batteries from Lutron in the majority of cases.

Most shades will use D-cell batteries. These are the same ones you’ll put in your smoke alarm, and you can buy them from the majority of stores. This will certainly help to take the weight off the prices every time you come to change the batteries in your blinds.

The amount of time you’ll get out of the batteries in your Lutron shades in Georgetown will depend on the amount you use them. However, in most cases, you’re going to get around three years out of them.

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