Do Window Shades in Frankfort Cause Shadows in the Room?

If you have children, you know the importance of getting the right window shades in Frankfort. They need to block light, and they need to offer privacy. They also need to avoid reflecting odd shapes on the wall.

How many times have you been woken up by children saying they can see “people” on the walls? What about them seeing shadows through the blinds? This is often due to the way the light hits the material of the blinds.

Look Out for Blackout Materials for Children

When it comes to window shades in Frankfort for children, you’ll want to consider blackout materials. These materials are great for managing the light levels throughout the day and the night. They are also good for preventing the shadows from forming through the window coverings.

The light doesn’t shine through. That moonlight or the streetlamps outside aren’t visible inside the home. There is no need for trees to make odd shadows with the way the moonlight hints. There won’t be shadows forming on the walls with the way the moonlight hits whatever is hanging in the windows.

You can gain some benefits from room darkening shades, but the material is on the slightly thinner side. It doesn’t block all the light, which can lead to some shadows forming. Light filtering blinds are pointless in a child’s bedroom unless they’re part of a dual setup with blackout shades.

Consider the Placement of the Shades

It’s not always about the material for your window shades in Frankfort. You’ll also need to think about the placement in the windows.

If you want to buy premade blinds, you’re likely to get something that is slightly too big for the window. It will hang on the outside of the window frame, making it easier to block all potential gaps. What if you get something that hangs on the inside of the frame?

When you opt for inside-mounted shades, you need to make sure they fit perfectly. Small gaps can cause shadows to form in the room. A small bit of moonlight in the night will get through those gaps, and depending on the way the shades sit, it can make for some scary looking shadows for younger children.

Avoid Hanging Anything in the Windows

As children get older, they may not want blackout shades. You’ll want to look for room darkening window shades in Frankfort instead. These come with problems of shadows forming.

Children are getting older, so their imaginations won’t run away from them as much. However, some tweens and teenagers can have active imaginations. If you hang something between the window and the shade, you end up with a shade that can look like all sorts in the night.

The item looks much bigger with the shadow. If there’s the slightest bit of movement, it can scare someone with an active imagination. It’s best just to avoid anything from hanging here.

Some window shades in Frankfort will cause shadows to appear in the room. You want to get the right material and the right placement to prevent that.

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