How to Choose the Right Type of Shutters in Lawrenceburg for Your Home

You know you want a set of shutters in Lawrenceburg for your new home. The property is bought, you’ve heard about all the benefits, and you have the money to invest into the home. What you didn’t realize was that there would be so many styles of shutters.

Which type is right for you? Do you need interior or exterior shutters? Once you choose between them, you’ll need to decide whether plantationor barn shutters are right. There are so many choices, but here are the steps to help make the best decision.

Do You Want Protection from External Elements?

Let’s start with the exterior vs. interior shutters in Lawrenceburg debate. This is an understandable debate to have. After all, you’ll hear all about the benefits of exterior shutters, but aren’t interior options better for use?

The difference really is going to depend on one main benefit. Do you want the protection from the external elements? Are you looking for window treatments that will protect against storm damage? Do you want window treatments that help to keep the air around your windows warmer? If the answer to both of those questions is yes, then you need exterior shutters. If you’re not bothered, interior shutters it is.

Do You Care About Blocking the Light?

Whether you choose interior or exterior shutters in Lawrenceburg, you’ll need to pick between styles. Plantation vs. barn shutters is the most common comparison, but you can also look at colonial and Scandinavian shutters.

To pick between any of them, you ned to consider the light benefits. Some shutters will block out all light coming into your home, while others will allow you to redirect the glare and manage the levels of light. You need to decide how much light control you want to gain.

Barn and Scandinavian shutters tend to block out all light when they’re in use. They offer the same heating benefits as other shutters, but you will need to use the interior lights in your home. Plantation, colonial, and other louver shutters offer you more light control. You can twist the louvers so you redirect glare and not lose all natural light coming into the home.

How Much Privacy Do You Crave?

Another type of shutter to consider is café shutters in Lawrenceburg. These are beautiful shutters but they don’t offer all that much privacy. They cover part of the window, usually just the lower quarter or half, and offer you the ability to twist louvers to manage the levels of glare. The good news is you get plenty of daylight, but if you’re craving privacy, they may not be the best. While they block the view in the lower half, they don’t block the view entirely.

When you want total privacy, you want shutters that will cover the entire window. Whether that’s barn or plantation is completely up to you.

It’s important to know what you want to gain from your shutters in Lawrenceburg. Only then can you make a decision over the type of style you want to buy.

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