Should Your Window Shutters in Georgetown Match Your Woodwork?

You’ve decided to get a set of window shutters in Georgetown. These are beautiful additions for the home, but now you need to decide on the types of window shutters you get. This isn’t about the style, but about the material and look of the material, you get.

Whether you get real or faux wood, you can opt for different colors and styles. Which type of woodworks for you? Should you match the wooden furniture around your house? Here are the top considerations to make.

Do You Have the Same Wooden Furniture Around the House?

Let’s start with the wooden furniture you have around the house. You may have dark woods for the kitchen cabinets and then choose lighter woods for the furniture in the living room. There may even be some rooms that don’t have any wooden furniture if you’ve gone for a more contemporary look.

What do you do if you don’t have matching wood around the house? This will make it difficult to choose wood for window shutters in Georgetown. Do you pick different colors of wood for each room?

Will You Make the Space Look Too Dark or Light?

Just because you have beautiful oak cabinet doors doesn’t mean you have to work with oak in the windows. You want to compliment the current décor in the home with your window shutters in Georgetown. This means thinking carefully about matching the wood.

If you have a lot of dark wood in a room, it can close the space in. It makes it harder to make light travel around the room. Then you end up with a space that looks much smaller than it really is.

Alternatively, you can end up with too much light wood. This leads to a space looking much larger and colder than it really is.

Should You Match the Baseboards with Window Shutters in Georgetown Instead?

Instead of matching the wooden furniture around the home, why not match your baseboards or the window frames? This is a great way to create a uniform approach. In the majority of cases, the baseboards are going to be the same color and style.

In fact, most baseboards remain white. You get a light and neutral color that allows light to reflect but doesn’t cause too many issues with a space looking too large. You still have some of the darker colors through the wooden or other furniture.

Do Your Shutters Match from the Outside of the House?

One thing you need to make sure happens is that your window shutters in Georgetown match from the outside. The aim is to create a uniform look when looking at the house from the outside. In some areas, the HOA will set rules to keep all window treatments the same from the outside to prevent the Skittles windows effect.

This doesn’t mean your shutters on the inside have to be the same. You can just paint one side of the shutter, but it is something to consider when choosing window shutters in Georgetown.

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