Wooden Blinds in Caldwell: Sticking Out vs. Outside Mount

While you know you want wooden blinds in Caldwell, you’re realized your new home has a window frame that’s shallower than in the past. This means that when you mount blinds on the inside, they don’t quite fit. You see them sticking out slightly from the sides.

The other option you have is for them to mount on the outside of your window. This means they purposely stick out and you can sit them so they go over the edges of your window frame. Which is the right choice? Here are considerations to make to help you decide.

Choosing for the Blinds to Stick Out

Your first option is to let the wooden blinds in Caldwell stick out from the frame. You still mount them on the inside of your window, but the depth of the frame isn’t enough for the whole blind to sit flush. This is great if you want to keep the current blinds you have and the only way they don’t fit is through the depth. There’s no need to spend money on a new set of blinds.

Choosing this can look good depending on the look of your window frame. You could choose to paint the frame in the same color as your blinds. This helps the blind blend in with the rest of the frame, so it looks like they don’t stick out as much. It can be beneficial if you have white blinds, as white window frames and sills look clean and contemporary.

You can also opt for this if the depth isn’t too far off the depth of the wooden blinds in Caldwell. If they only stick out by a couple of inches, you’re likely not to even notice. You can use a valance at the top of the window so it looks like sticking out is purely intentional.

Mounting Wooden Blinds in Caldwell on the Outside

If you have very thin window frames, you may want to choose to mount on the outside. After all, depending on the depth, you could find that the blind looks like it should be on the outside anyway!

You will need a wider blind for this, which can often mean you need to buy a new set of wooden blinds in Caldwell. Of course, this depends on the current blinds you have. For example, you may have a house with narrower windows, which means your current blinds don’t actually fit within the frame so need to be mounted on the outside. This is a win-win situation.

Mounting on the outside does mean you can avoid the small gap between blind and frame. You offer some heating benefits, as there’s less space for the heat to escape through the window. You can also still use valances or double up with curtains to texture your window coverings.

Now it’s completely up to you. There’s no wrong or right answer when it comes to mounting your wooden blinds in Caldwell. What works best for your current budget and the type of windows you have?

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