How Much Should I Budget For Blinds?

How Much Should I Budget For Blinds?

Talk about a loaded question! This one requires several additional questions and depends significantly on 

  1. The size of your windows
  2. The number of windows you need to cover
  3. The type of product you choose
  4. The quality of the product choice (stock vs. custom, standard options vs. custom options
  5. First Home or Forever Home

When determining how much to budget for window treatments, you need to start by knowing the size of your window. The width and height determine the price of the product you select and often will determine which product is available for that size. If you have a lot of large, wide, or tall windows, those will naturally cost more than small “average” size windows. 

Consider budgeting a $ amount for each window in your home to create an overall budget. Then, you can choose “budget-friendly” options for rooms like guest rooms or kids’ rooms and spend more on public areas used the most, like your living room, or splurge on your primary bedroom.

The type of product you choose will affect your budget. 

Even when ordering blinds, there are variations in cost due to the type of control,  the quality of the blind mechanism, and the slat material. A “stock” blind that is available in only one shade of white cut down to size, and with only a 1-year warranty will be less than a custom blind, available in a range of whites, creams, or grays, ordered to fit your window’s precise measurements and with a more extended warranty.

But is the price the only thing you should consider? 

The stock “cut-down” blind will cover your window. But is it guaranteed not to discolor over time? Are there several inches of slats stacked at the bottom because they only cut the width to size? Who will you call when that 1-year warranty is up, the wand control broke, and you can’t close the blinds? That initial decision to purchase based on the lowest price will cost you more later if you have to replace the blinds in just a couple of years.

Instead, consider this scenario, locate your local Budget Blinds, and schedule a complimentary in-home consultation. They bring an array of color options and samples to your home. You can find a blind color that coordinates perfectly with your trim color (the one you spent hours picking out. The blind will blend seamlessly with your trim. Your local Budget Blinds consultant will professionally measure your windows and choose from a selection of quality vendors who offer excellent warranties, including the industry-leading 5-year No Questions Asked guarantee.

What is the  Budget Blinds 5-Year No Questions Asked Warranty?

It is an EXCLUSIVE warranty offered by Budget Blinds, available from a range of vendors that states, “We will replace or repair the damaged product with the same product, No Questions Asked, if it occurs within the first five years of purchase."

That’s right, even if your dog chews on it or someone “accidentally” throws a football into it and breaks some slats, Budget Blinds will repair or replace it. No questions asked!

Doesn’t that add peace of mind and value to your purchase?

Are You a First-time Home Owner, or Is This Your Forever Home?

If this is the first home for you and not your forever home, you may think, “I need something to cover my windows, and a blind is just a blind, so it doesn’t matter which one I choose. Well, think about this. You have been in your home a couple of years, your family is growing, and it is time to move to a larger home. You prepare to put your home on the market, and as you get it spruced up, you notice the blinds look dingy. You attempt to clean them and realize the slats have discolored in the sun, and some are warped. That purchase based on price to “save” money costs you more because they are now discolored and not an asset to your home or the future buyer.

While it seems like a significant investment to purchase custom blinds, the value they add in the long run ensures the value of your purchase. When measured and installed by a professional like your local Budget Blinds design consultant, they will not only cover your windows but can add insulation, light control, privacy, and style. Plus, Your Budget Blinds consultant will bring an array of samples. While you may still choose blinds, they will give you choices of other products like cellular shades for insulation and light filtering roller shades for sun control, the popular woven shades to add texture, or multi-functional Dual Sheer shades for modern style.

Ready to Learn More? We Are Here to Help!

At Budget Blinds of Boise and Nampa, we know this is a purchase you make only occasionally. But for us, window covering is what we do every day, and we are here to answer all your questions and guide you through the process.  We want you to find the perfect blind or window covering that fits your style and budget. 

Ready to get started? Call us at 208-375-1212 or visit our website,, to schedule your complimentary in-home consultation with one of our design experts. Budget Blinds of Boise and Nampa is with you at every step, from measuring and product selection to professional installation and standing behind the product you purchase.

We serve the entire Treasure Valley from Middleton, Star, and Caldwell to Kuna, Meridian, Eagle, and Boise. We even go to Emmett, Garden Valley, Cascade, and all the way up to McCall! So, if you are in the Boise metro area or enjoying life in the beautiful Treasure Valley mountains, Budget Blinds of Boise and Nampa has you covered!

Want to meet us first? Stop by our showroom in Meridian to meet some of our team, look at samples, and ask questions. We are located at 1850 W Everest Lane at the corner of Chinden and Linder. 



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