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Meet your Budget Blinds Team of Boise!

Own It! Disney has Cast Members, Walmart has Associates…. At Budget Blinds of Boise & Nampa we call all of our team members CO-OWNERS. We are all committed to delivering every customer the best customer experience. Unfortunately, the custom window covering industry is prone to accidents and mistakes. It does not matter if it is a vendor error, shipping damage, or whatever the issue. Everyone on our team, from our friendly office team, design expert design consultants, and our in-house professional installers are impowered to make sure any and every issue is resolved. We are true Co-Owners in caring for and serving our customers.

  • Quent

    Quent Blodgett


    20+ years ago Quent decided to make a major career change from a government auditor to a small business owner. Together with his wife Andrea they moved from Utah to Idaho, bought a window covering franchise, and built a new house. To make all of this change even more exciting they had a baby just one week before the move and start of the new career. Quent’s background is in accounting with a degree from Brigham Young University. Quent has embraced Budget Blinds and has become a leader in the industry. Quent and his team have won over 25 Inspired Drapes awards and has had their work published in design trade magazines multiple times. In 2020 Quent was awarded the Franchise of the Year award. Quent’s kids have all worked in the business helping in many areas but are growing up fast with a few finishing high school, one in college and another working in the Boise area. Sunglasses and cowboy boots always make Quent smile. Quent loves to travel; he has visited all 50 states and has been to over 30 countries. In addition to traveling the world Quent loves hot summer pool days and his favorite place to be is his own back yard in Idaho. 

  • Amy - Boise

    Amy Horyza


    We’re so grateful we have Boise native Amy as our Operations Manager. To let you in on a little secret, Amy initially joined the Budget Blinds family as a part time showroom assistant as a means to put herself through college. She quickly fell head-over-heels for us and hasn’t left since! Embracing herself in every aspect of our business Amy quickly took on more and more responsibility and now oversees our entire team.  She is respectfully and lovingly called our Girl Boss!  Amy enjoys how her position lets her discover new ways to adapt to the ever-changing world, whether through design trends, economically, technologically, or socially. She’s a massive fan of all kinds of soft treatments and is a staunch believer that draperies, roman shades, top treatments, pillows, and bedding can bring life and personality to any room. She loves seeing the excitement in her client's eyes when they find the perfect fabric they want to show off to the world! Amy is also an avid traveler and loves to soak up cultures from around the globe. When not on an expedition, she enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephews, shopping, or taking a spa day.

  • ben.r. (edited)

    Ben Wald

    Co-Owner/Install Manager

    After joining our install crew in 2013 and working his way up to Install Manager, we are so grateful to have grown alongside Ben over the last decade! Concord, California, might be where Ben was born and raised, but Emmett, Idaho, has been his home for over a decade. This self-described tinkerer enjoys fixing old cars and motorcycles and tending to his small hobby farm. He names every cow, goat, and chicken on his farm with hilariously morbid food-themed names, like Meatball! Ben has a lot of love for his install family and takes pride in being their leader. His favorite part of the job is seeing the smile on his client's faces when they are matched with the perfect window covering for their living space. Personally, Ben’s favorite window treatment is motorized exterior roller shades, and he recommends them to all of our clients.

  • Kelly 2

    Kelly Wald

    Co-Owner/Style Consultant

    This SoCal native turned Emmett ranch owner loves meeting new clients just as much as she does tending to her livestock. Kelly enjoys traveling the world and equally has become rather acquainted with the local Idaho mountains since her move 18 years ago. She’s an alumna of FIDM in Los Angeles, where she studied Interior Design. Following graduation, Kelly worked in paint and furniture design for 16 years before reconnecting with her design soulmate: windows!  Kelly loves to see different homes and help people make their spaces more functional and beautiful. Kelly has made many great friends and has helped many past customers with remodels as well as their second and third homes.  Kelly has multiple window covering certifications including automated window coverings and has won multiple design awards.   Her favorite window covering is roman shades, but she still adores her own Lutron roller shades and recommends them to all. In fact, a typical morning on Kelly’s ranch property begins with “Alexa, open the back shades” so she can take in the beautiful Emmett sunrise and check on her farm animals. Our team really feels like family to Kelly… especially because she’s married to our install manager, Ben!

  • Suzie Jenkins

    Suzie Jenkins

    Co-Owner/Style Consultant

    Meet Suzie, one of our wonderful Style Consultants! Born in SoCal, Suzie and her family moved to Boise, ID many years ago. She is a graduate of Meridian High School, located right in Ada County! Suzie started her career in medical billing and hospital billing management, but her love for meeting new people and making new friends made choosing the right window treatment for each client gratifying for her. As a bonus, Suzie loves getting to meet all the fur babies in clients’ homes! Outside of working with her customers to find the perfect window treatments, Suzie enjoys traveling, especially when she is exploring the Northwest from the back of a Harley Davidson. Along with traveling, Suzie loves spending time outdoors and supporting local food establishments. If you ask Suzie about her favorite window treatment, she’ll surely tell you all about multifunctional cellular shades! They provide ample insulation, have various degrees of opacity options, and come in a beautiful array of designs and colors.

  • steve_r_1

    Steve "Fish" Fisher


    Hailing from the small town of Armada, Michigan, Steve ‘Fish’ is our Comptroller. After moving to Boise with his wife in 2021, Steve has fallen in love with the mountains, the GreenBelt, and especially the milder winters! He is enrolled in Boise's Big Brother Big Sister program and enjoys sports primarily through golf and basketball. He’s a staple member of a local recreational basketball league, where he and a few friends get together each week to shoot some hoops. He loves being active outdoors in other ways like biking, hiking, walking, swimming, and snowboarding. Woodworking is a newfound passion; Steve enjoys making furniture and seasonal decorations. His first large project was a dining room table for his parents that seats 10+ people, necessary for the large family that he comes from. Steve earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Walsh College in Troy, Michigan. He joined Budget Blinds after spending over 7 years in the mortgage and accounting business. Steve also has experience purchasing, renting, selling, lending, and staging residential real estate that in addition to the financial experience has given him a great eye for current style trends. Steve is excited to merge both his financial and design experience working with Budget Blinds. 

  • lexie.r. (edited)

    Lexie Jones

    Co-Owner/Customer Care Manager

    If you ever find yourself hiking in our beautiful mountains, you just might run into Lexie, our Customer Care Manager! She loves her outdoor time and is captivated by the beauty of waterfalls, sunrises, and sunsets. She enjoys spending time with her family when she’s not taking in the beautiful local scenery. Lexie is originally from Bonners Ferry, Idaho, a small town about 8 hours away from Boise, where she first joined the customer service industry as a young teen. From a small restaurant in Bonners Ferry to an Olive Garden in Virginia to Pilot Travel Center in North Dakota, Lexie has acquired her customer care skills from various positions she’s held all across the country. Since she began working with Budget Blinds, she has found that advocating for her clients fills her heart with joy. Lexie also takes great pride in being a part of our supportive work environment and always lends a hand to her fellow team members in need.

  • roy.r. (edited)

    Roy Billings

    Co-Owner/Style Consultant

    Roy, one of our talented Style Consultants, may not have found his roots in Idaho– but since his relocation to the Gem State, he has spent his free time hunting big game and raising pet chickens. Before joining Budget Blinds, Roy worked in automotive sales and church ministry. His faith stays close to his heart, and he is a travel lover that is in awe of Idaho’s natural beauty. His wife, Kayla, is his best friend, and they have three wonderful kids together. Roy is a pun enthusiast who always looks to bring laughter and smiles into every room. The world needs more humor, after all! As our Style Consultant, Roy takes great joy in finding design solutions that turn a house into a home. He believes motorized and cordless shades are the way to go and says perfectly paired drapes add value and grandeur to any space. Though he loves his Boise community, the biggest thing he misses about his pre-Idaho life is soaking up some rays while relaxing on the beach!

  • lindsey.r. (edited)

    Lindsey Tyler

    Co-Owner/Style Consultant

    Lindsey Tyler is one of our outstanding Style Consultants, and she has quite a knack for design! Growing up in Arizona, she would keep her notebooks full of sketches and floor plans to fuel her dreams of becoming an interior designer– then she went on to graduate with a degree in Interior Design! Lindsey began pursuing her passion and started working with custom bedding, draperies, and furniture in Scottsdale, Arizona, before making the move to Idaho, which she’s called home for the past 18 years. Lindsey delights in helping her clients customize their homes and designing a space that makes them fall head-over-heels! She has dedicated in-depth study to drapery and is a proud graduate of drapery school. In fact, draperies are Lindsey’s favorite window covering since no two are truly the same. They do wonders to customize her clients' living spaces to suit their vision perfectly!

  • Dennis - Boise

    Dennis Kershner


    After a successful career in the food industry Dennis joined our team and enjoys working with the wide range of different products that we offer.  Dennis loves to make customers happy and finds solutions with some of our challenging windows. Dennis favorite window covering is cell shades for the function and insulation that they offer.

  • Karen - Boise

    Karen Glover


    Karen has done everything at Budget Blinds; from office work, to sales consultations, measuring, freight, and installs Karen has at one time or another done every aspect of the business.  As one of our first employees she has been a key to helping us grow the business. Karen loves cats and being a wife, mom, aunt, sister, and mostly a grandma to her 12 grandkids (a number that is still growing). Karen’s favorite window coverings are roller shades because of all of the cool fabrics, colors, and textures that they now come in.

  • Ken 2

    Ken Glover

    Co-Owner/Style Consultant

    After successfully owning a Budget Blinds franchise for over a decade Ken decided to join our team and focus on what he liked the most about the business, helping customers find the perfect solution for their windows. Ken welcomes a challenging window or a problem and works to find the best solution.  In his free time Ken enjoys spending time with family and is involved in many of their activities. Kens favorite window coverings are shutters as they truly complete the window and rarely have any warranty or repair issues.

  • Mikayla 2

    Mikayla Lear


    Mikayla loves the opportunity to work with all of the customers that come into our showroom. She enjoys the process of helping them find the perfect window coverings to fit their style. Mikayla and her husband came to Boise from sunny Arizona to be youth pastors. They love Idaho and really enjoy being in the beautiful outdoors and spending time with their two dogs, Millie and Belle. Mikayla also loves to cook and try new foods; her favorite season is autumn. Mikayla’s favorite window coverings are Illusion shades; she likes the clean modern look they have as well as the function they provide.

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