Why You Should Add Drapery with Valance in Nampa

If you’re going drapery shopping, you’ll see a few different styles available. Drapery with valance in Nampa is popular, but it’s not for everyone. Is this going to be a style for you?

There are a few reasons to get drapery with a valance. Here are the top reasons people consider them, and why they could be right for you.

The Valance Will Hide the Drapery Hardware

The first reason is to hide the hardware. To hang the drapery, you need a rod. This can look plain and unsightly in the room, so you need to find a way to cover it. Covering the hardware is the main reason people even consider getting valances in the home.

When you get drapery with valance in Nampa, you get the benefit of the valance being made to suit the drapes. They are made with the same material, and you’ll get the same colors and patterns. They look like part of the drapes rather than standing out as something that you bought separately. All the while, you get to cover up the hardware that you don’t want on show.

Create a Full Dressed Look for the Windows

Another popular reason for drapery with valance in Nampa is to get a look that your windows are fully dressed. You have this covering that goes all the way up one side, across the top, and down the other side. The only part of the window that isn’t covered is along the bottom, and you only see that when the drapes are open.

There’s a feeling of a complete look. You draw attention to these windows that now look cozy and complete. They offer a more comforting experience in the space, which is great for both guests and you.

Drapery with Valance in Nampa Bring Sophistication

Think back to when drapes with valances were the most popular. We’re looking at the stately homes of the 18th and 19th century. The material was something of luxury and sophistication, as not everyone could afford them. This is something that you bring to your home with a set of drapes now.

You’ll be able to connect with the vintage style. This is great if your entire décor brings a sense of the past to it. However, there are also some more modern styles to work with your modern décor. You have a full range of choices, which is another reason why drapes and valances are still popular.

You’ll Block Some Heat Loss

Finally, it’s all about practical benefits. When you get drapery with valance in Nampa, you can help to cut off some of the gaps at the top of the windows. There’s no need to worry about heat escaping in the winter through those gaps.

The valance isn’t perfect. There may still be some gaps at the top, and you will still need to use the drapes effectively. However, in many cases, you’re blocking some of the heat loss, so you spend less on your heating bills.

It’s time to get a look of luxury in your home. Now is the time to invest in drapery with valance in Nampa.

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