Why You Need to Consider Pleated Shades in Nampa for Your Patio Door

Patio doors can be among the most problematic parts of the home to cover with window treatments. You need to find something that won’t get in the way of the mechanism of the day, whether you have sliding patio doors or French doors. Pleated shades in Nampa could be the perfect option for your home.

In many cases, pleated shades don’t offer a great deal of benefits. They’re similar to roller shades but have a look of honeycomb shades. However, they can be just what your patio doors need. Here’s why you’ll want to consider them.

They Stay Out of the Way

You want a set of blinds or shades that aren’t going to get in the way of your door’s working. Whether it’s the handle of French doors or the way the sliding doors work, you want a set of relatively thin but stylish window treatments. This is one of the biggest benefits of pleated shades in Nampa.

The material is thin. It sits within the windows easily, and you can get custom-made window treatments if you need without spending a fortunate. The shades are made with fabric in the majority of cases, helping to keep the costs to a minimum.

Pleated Shades in Nampa Work Great for All Décor Needs

Because the shades are made with fabric, they come in a variety of colors and styles. There’s something for all décor needs. If you prefer a minimalist style, there are white or cream options. When you want to continue a bold décor choice in the room, you have that option.

Your pleated shades can add some color to a room. You can draw attention to this part of the room with ease. Or you can use your blinds to blend in with the rest of the window treatments. It’s going to depend on what you like to gain from any window treatment.

You Gain Immediate Privacy Without Light Loss

With all the choices, you may wonder whether pleated shades in Nampa are going to be right for you in other ways. While pleated shades aren’t the best for managing light and noise, they’re not imperfect. They also offer some excellent privacy benefits.

Pleated shades tend to be made with a thinner material than venetian blinds or honeycomb shades. While you don’t get the heat benefits in the winter, you will gain privacy without the loss of light throughout the day. Your patio doors often allow a lot of light to shine through your garden, but you reduce the glare and keep the view out of the home day and night.

The Come Cordless

One of the greatest benefits of pleated shades in Nampa is the safety benefits. The shades are usually cordless, placed on a runner. This makes them perfect for the patio doors.

Your kids will run around the house a lot, no matter how much you tell them not to run! They can end up running near the doors, so you want to make the space as safe as possible. With a cordless shade on a runner, not only do the shades remain out of the way of the door’s mechanism but they remain safe for kids, too.

It's time to look at all your window treatments for the home. Pleated shades in Nampa could be just right for your patio doors.

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