Which Window Treatments in Caldwell Should You Get as a Renter?

You’re moving into a new rental. This one doesn’t have window treatments in Caldwell, so you need to find something for each of the windows. Now you need to think about your best options.

You want something that will offer a range of benefits, from lighting to heating. At the same time, you don’t want to spend too much on your coverings. Nor do you want to cause a lot of damage around the windows. Here are the top options for window treatments as a renter.

Opt for a Set of Drapes or Curtains

The quickest and easiest options for your window treatments in Caldwell is going to be a set of drapes or curtains. The two are slightly different, but they offer many of the same benefits. Drapes just tend to be thicker than curtains.

One of the big benefits is the lack of permanence. You can get the drapes on a tension rod, so it sits within the window frame and expands to use the sides as a non-permanent fixture. There are no screws needed so minimal damage. The curtains and drapes are also going to be much cheaper than other window coverings and you can usually get premade options from the local store.

Choose Roller or Dual Shades

Your next option is a roller shade. You can also get a dual shade, which is a solar shade and roller shade in one. Whichever one you get, this covering offers low costs but plenty of benefits in the summer and winter. You’ll block light, you can manage heat, and you gain privacy.

The downside of the window treatments in Caldwell is the screws you’ll need. These coverings will be drilled into the wall, which will leave marks when you move. You’ll often need to fill in the holes.

Pick Woven Wood Window Treatments in Caldwell

What about if you want natural wood in the home instead of fabric? This is where woven wood blinds and shades are excellent. You will often find bamboo shades are the most popular options for this.

They can work in all rooms in the home, including the most humid. They are on the slightly more expensive side, but you gain light filtering benefits, more heating benefits, and extra privacy throughout the day and night. They also look natural, fitting in easily with whatever décor your landlord has chosen.

Consider Speaking to Your Landlord About Permanent Options

You could always discuss permanent window treatments in Caldwell for the home. This is something the landlord will need to agree on, as you’re making a fairly big change to the home. The problem for the landlord is the need to maintain the window coverings when someone new moves in.

You may need to pay for the initial installation and then gain some money back when you move. Or your landlord may pay realizing the full benefits afterward. Don’t be surprised if your landlord says no, but if it’s a yes, always get things written in a contract.

When you’re renting, you’ll want to keep the costs for window treatments in Caldwell down. The above options are the best way to do that.

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