Top Tips When Your Remote Control Blinds in Nampa Aren’t Working

You’ve got a set of remote control blinds in Nampa. They certainly have become your best friend, but they’ve suddenly stopped working. There are various reasons for this to happen. Here’s your troubleshooting guide to figure out what it is before calling in a professional.

 Is It the Battery? 

It seems like a silly question, but you’ll be surprised by the amount of people who overlook this reason for the blinds to stop working. After all, when did you last replace the batteries? Many remote control blinds in Nampa are designed to have batteries last for five years or so. There are high chances that this hasn’t happened before, so it’s the last thing on your mind.

 Change the batteries in your remote. If that hasn’t fixed the issue, it’s time to move onto the next reason.

 Are the Connections Lining Up? 

Next, you need to look at the connection in the remote. The batteries should sit snuggly in the system, with all connections touching. You should also see that other connections within the remote are touching the right sections. A loose connection is one of the most common reasons outside a rundown battery for the remote to stop working. 

You may need a new remote for your blinds. You may also be able to get a universal remote for various elements in your home.

 Is the Remote Control Blinds in Nampa App Updated?

 If you run everything through an app on your smartphone, check to see if your app needs updating. Most of the time, your apps will update regularly on their own. This isn’t always the case, though. You’ll need to double check the app in your app store.

 It could be that your smartphone is no longer compatible with your app, especially if you have a phone that is three or more years old. You may need to consider upgrading if this is the case.

 Is There a Problem with the Sensor? 

The issue could be within the sensor itself. You’ll need to first make sure that nothing is blocking the sensor on your remote control blinds in Nampa. If this is the case, then remove whatever it is. Sometimes, it could be some grime over the top that you don’t necessarily see. 

Alternatively, it could be something within the system on the blinds themselves. You’ll need to check the wiring. This is often clear if it’s only one blind that has stopped working and all the other blinds are working just fine.

 You’ll need to call the people who installed the blinds for you. They’ll be able ot send someone out to check on the connection. If your remote control blinds in Nampa are out of warranty, there are chances you’ll need to pay for the fix.

 Most of the time, blinds stop working because of something small and simple to fix. A dead battery or a loose connection in the remote are the most common reasons for remote control blinds in Nampa not working. Go through the simplest of options first and then look into the more complicated problems.

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