Tips to Care for Your Wooden Exterior Shutters in Nampa

Wood Nampa shutters are popular for the exterior of the home. The material looks and feels natural, while offering protection from the elements. To keep the wood looking new and ensure it doesn’t succumb to rotting and damage, you’ll want to make sure you maintain your shutters regularly. Here are the top tips to care for your wooden shutters for long-term benefits.

There are different tips for natural and painted wooden shutters, so this is split into two small sections with the tips.

When Your Shutters Are Made of Natural Wood

Natural or stained woods will need a little extra care, especially when it comes to the type of products you’ll use. Using harsh chemicals or a large amount of water on the wooden shutters in Nampa will lead to damage and rotting. It’s also important to avoid overly rough products. The chemicals and products will cause scratches, fading, and internal damage.

A vacuum with a soft brush attachment is one of the best things you can use for cleaning your shutters. You can also use a dust cloth, preferably one with microfibers to help pick up all the dust and dirt between the slats and in the hinges. Use water on the wood only when there are stubborn stains or bits of dirt.

Do as much as possible without water. The only time you’ll want to consider water is when you take the shutters down every few months and the water should be on the hinges only to help get rid of stubborn dirt. You’ll need to make sure the hinges dry fully before placing them back on the house as they’ll rust. If you see rust on your hinges, replace them entirely.

Once a month, give your natural wooden exterior Nampa shutters a polish to help keep the dust away. You’ll also want to oil the hinges.

When You Have Painted and Plywood Shutters

If your shutters in Nampa are made with synthetic materials, you have a little more leeway on the amount of water you use. It’s also possible to use more chemicals, as the material won’t be damaged as quickly. However, you’ll still want to keep the use to a minimum and avoid anything too rub. Most of the time, you’ll just need some white vinegar diluted in water with a cloth to get rid of the stubborn dirt.

Use a damp cloth when you’ve finished with the chemicals. This will help to get rid of the residue, so your shutters always look good.

Consider a Pressure Washer or Hose

If you have exterior shutters that are hard to reach, you may want to consider a pressure washer. These can be used on natural wood, as the exterior shutters will usually have a cover that protect from the damage. This is useful if you can’t take the shutters down. You’ll want to make sure you protect your windows from damage from the force of the water. Taking the Nampa shutters down is your best option if you can.

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