How to Train Your Pleated Drapes in Nampa

Pleated drapes in Nampa are beautiful additions to the home. However, to look great, they need to hang right. When you initially place them up against your windows, the pleats aren’t necessarily going to sit evenly and it takes time to train your drapes.

The good news is that while it takes time, it doesn’t mean a lot of hands-on tricks. Here’s how you can train the pleats in your drapes.

Add in the Pleats

Start may putting the pleats where you want them to sit. You’ll need to do this at the top of the pleated drapes in Nampa, where they will sit on the hanger. You can even add in the pleats and hang the drapes at the same time!

Pin your hooks to the drape tops. This allows you to start the pleats from the very top and make your drapes usable while you’re training the style. Plus, you get to say exactly where the pleats will sit and you have a permanent start at the very top.

Weight the Bottom of Your Pleated Drapes in Nampa

Now it’s time to go to the bottom of your drapes. You’ll need to weight the corners of your drapes, which you can do quickly and easily. You could choose lead weights, which are definitely the most traditional. However, if you have pets or children, you’ll want to consider something less dangerous – pets and children don’t understand the dangers of lead poisoning!

Pennies are the perfect option. Put five or six pennies into the corners of your drapes and sew them into place. This helps to prevent the pennies slipping out, especially if you have children and pennies around.

You may need to open the hems to do this. Unstitch the hems carefully.

Belt the Fabric

Now it’s time to put the pleats into the rest of the drapes. You don’t need to make the pleats run from very top to the bottom. In fact, you’ll probably find that getting the pleats right to the halfway point is enough. The pleated drapes in Nampa then beautifully spread out, a little like a stream turning into a larger river or lake.

You’ll need to place a belt around the fabric of your drapes in the middle. This will help to keep the pleats in place when you first create them. Keep the belt there for a couple of days (you’ll want to use other window coverings for that time).

After a few days, you can release the belt and let the drapes hang loose. The pleats will automatically remain in place. Even when you open and close the drapes, the pleats will go back to where they were once open again. When you wash the drapes, you’ll need to retrain the pleats each time.

It doesn’t take too long to train your pleated drapes in Nampa. Most of the process is hands-free. You just need to take the initial time to set up the pleat placement and let the material do the rest of the work.

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