How Long Should Your Vertical Blinds in Nampa Be?

You’ve decided on vertical blinds in Nampa for your home. You even know the colors and material you want. The big decision now to make is the length. There’s no standard length for vertical blinds as there are a number of factors that will go into this decision.

 Vertical Blinds to the Floor

 Like curtains and drapes, you will want to work with the length of your wall rather than the length of the window. Vertical blinds that reach the floor are a popular option for many. They’re certainly worth considering if you have a clear path from the bottom of the window to the floor, which means there are now air conditioning or heating vents in the way.

 If you do have central heating below the windows, then you’ll want to consider getting a set of vertical blinds in Nampa that reach that instead. Covering up the vents will make the heating units a waste of time and you can damage the blinds, regardless of the material.

 By reaching the floor or as close to the floor as possible, you create a look of a longer window and wall space. This helps shorter rooms look larger and larger rooms look in proportion. You’ll also want to make sure the blinds start from as close to the top of the wall as possible for maximum effect.

 Vertical Blinds in Nampa to the Middle of the Wall

 Work with the gap between the bottom of the window and the floor of your room. You want a set of blinds that will sit in the middle of this. These blinds are great if you have larger central heating units along the bottom of the window or if you want to avoid possibly scraping the top of the unit.

 This size of blind is great when you have a small window in a larger wall. You’ll likely have a large gap between the bottom of the window and the floor, so you want to make it less glaring. The length of the blind helps to distract from this larger space.

 With this size of blind, consider starting from the halfway mark between ceiling and top of window. This helps to create symmetry from top to bottom of the window.

 Vertical Blinds to the Bottom of the Window

 Finally, you could work with the window rather than the wall for your vertical blinds in Nampa. Have your blinds reach to the bottom of the window and that’s it. Because you’ll use less material, they’ll also cost you less, so are perfect for those on a tight budget.

 These blinds are great for larger windows that can take up the majority of the wall space. However, you’ll want to start the blinds from the top of the window. Starting higher will make the blinds look odd when they only reach the window at the bottom.

 There’s no wrong or right answer when it comes to the size of your vertical blinds in Nampa. You need to know the look you want to achieve and the budget you have available.

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