5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Roller Shades in Caldwell

While you can repair shades to help save money, sometimes they’re at the point that they need replacing to save money in the long run. How can you tell when they’re at that point? Each type of shade and blind is different, but here are five signs it’s time to replace your roller shades in Caldwell.

They Don’t Open and Close at All

At first, you’ll want to see if you can repair the shades when they don’t open and close. After all, there could be just something clogged in the mechanism. However, you need to think about how often you’re fixing them and what the overall issue is.

The next time you struggle to open and close your roller shades in Caldwell, consider why the problem has occurred and how often it’s happening. If it’s weekly or even monthly, consider replacing the shades instead.

They’re Frayed

Look at the edges of the fabric of the shades and the cords you use (if they’re not cordless) and check for frays. Along the bottom isn’t too bad, but look out for fraying near the top or on the cords. This fraying is a sign that your blinds are coming to the end of their lives. There is no way of repairing the fraying and the best thing you can do is replace. Leaving them runs the risk of them falling and injuring someone.

Your Roller Shades in Caldwell Aren’t Safe

As mentioned, if you have corded shades, you’ll need to check for fraying. You’ll always want to consider your home’s circumstances and whether cords are the safe option. More families are turning to cordless blinds and shades because the cords run the risk of strangulation.

When you have children or get a new pet, consider switching out and replacing your blinds and shades. There’s nothing more important than their safety.

They Don’t Fit Your Windows Anymore

Okay, so the shades won’t shrink but there is a major reason for the material no longer fitting: you’ve got new windows. If you get new windows for energy saving benefits or due to revamping the home, you’ll need to think about the window coverings. While the size of the physical window may be the same, the amount of glass to frame can change and that means more space needs covering.

The Shades Look Dated

Over time, your shades will start to fade in color or the decoration just doesn’t work anymore. Whether you’re going through a whole room decoration or you just think the roller shades in Caldwell look old, you’ll want to consider replacing them. Look out for shades that match the new décor or give you the appearance you prefer.

There’s nothing wrong with deciding you want to replace your shades. Sometimes, replacing them can help to save money in the long term. You can also keep your family safe. Consider the above five reasons and check over your own roller shades in Caldwell. Is it time to replace them in your home?

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