4 Tips to Make the Most of Honeycomb Blinds in Nampa

You’ve decided on getting honeycomb blinds in Nampa. They look good, and they offer a wide range of benefits. It’s up to you to use them effectively to make the most of them.

Not sure where to start? Here are four tips to start making the most of your honeycomb blinds whichever room they’re in.

Close the Blinds Completely as Soon as It Gets Dark Out

The first thing to do is to close your honeycomb blinds in Nampa as soon as it gets dark out. The point of the blinds is to keep the heat inside your home, and that means you need to use them. There’s no point keeping them open when the sun has gone down.

It’s the cells in the honeycomb blinds that help to keep the heat in the house. The heat tries to escape and then it circulates back into the home thanks to the cells. If you don’t close the blinds right away, the heat just escapes through the windows.

Close Honeycomb Blinds in Nampa Halfway During the Day, Especially in the Summer

During the day, you’ll want to have your blinds halfway. You could close them all the way, but this is going to depend on the exact type of material you get. If you’re going to block all the natural light by closing them, just opt for the halfway point.

The blinds will help to block the UV rays shining in through the windows. By blocking the UV rays, you reduce the heat in the home. It’s the UV rays through the glass that cause temperatures to rise. In the winter, you may want to keep the UV rays shining through to add more heat. This will be a balancing act.

Utilize Top-Down Blinds When You Want to Gain Privacy

Sometimes, you want to let the light to shine through but you want the privacy. A lot of honeycomb blinds in Nampa offer the top-down benefits as well as bottom-up. You can close the bottom half of the blinds but open them from the top.

You’ll get the UV rays shining through. This is great in the winter when you want to create more heat naturally in the house. You get to gain the privacy from the bottom, so there’s no need to worry about the nosy neighbors.

Double Up If You Really Need to in the Winter Months

In the winter, you can end up with a lot of heat escaping through the windows. Thermal honeycomb blinds in Nampa are an option, but they block all the light throughout the day. You don’t necessarily want to lose all the light during the day.

So, you need to find another way to manage the heat loss. There’s nothing wrong with doubling up with a set of thermal drapes. You can hang them in the winter and use them to block the heat loss. In the summer, take them down and just use your honeycomb shades.

Honeycomb blinds in Nampa offer some great benefits. Now you just need to use them properly to make the most of them.

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