4 Reasons to Only Choose Faux Wood Plantation Shutters in Caldwell

Plantation shutters in Caldwell are beautiful and energy-friendly additions to the home. While you can get vinyl, real wood, and many other materials, faux wood shutters are the only type you need to consider. Yes, they’re slightly more expensive than plastic shutters, but you’ll benefit financially in the future that makes them more than worth it.

Now sure you want faux wood plantation shutters? Here are four reasons they really are going to be the best for your Caldwell-area home.

They Don’t Scratch

If you have children or pets, you’ll want to look at faux wood for any type of window treatment. When it comes to plantation shutters in Caldwell, you may be tempted by real wood, but faux wood is going to be more durable with the four-legged friends or smaller humans in the house. They’re scratch resistant.

No matter how long you’ve had the shutters, they don’t look like you’ve had them for decades. This is a problem for real wood, as they routinely need sanding and revarnishing to make them look as good as new. You may sometimes need a new lick of paint, but that’s more due to maintenance than scratching.

They Don’t Fade Over Time

As long as you clean regularly, you’re not going to suffer from fading colors in your plantation shutters in Caldwell. This isn’t a benefit that real wood offers, especially if you have east-, south-, or west-facing windows.

The sunlight isn’t good for real wood. The natural materials will lose their coloring over time, no matter what types of treatments you put on. You can’t avoid this. Meanwhile, faux wood will withstand everything, so it always looks new.

Faux Wood Plantation Shutters in Caldwell Are Waterproof

If you’re looking for something that’s good for the bathroom or the kitchen, you’ll want to consider faux wood shutters. The material is one of the most waterproof options, making them durable and beautiful for the most humid rooms in the home.

Unfortunately, real wood will soak in the water. And the shutters will never completely dry out, so you end up with mold growth within the material. The faux wood has a layer that prevents water seeping in. The only reason you’ll have mold problems is if the faux wood is cracked or broken, which leads us to the final reason you only need faux wood plantation shutters in Caldwell.

Faux Wood Is the Most Durable Material of All

Due to the treatments and the way the material is made, faux wood shutters are the most durable options in the world. They’re made with a composite material, reinforced to withstand the constant use and avoid warping from the heat coming into the window.

They’re safer for those with pets and children. Real wood shutters are more likely to break over time, especially as they’ve started warping. It will take something like fire or storm damage to break indoor plantation shutters made with a faux wood.

It’s time to think carefully about the material. While you may want to go natural, faux wood plantation shutters in Caldwell are all you need for your windows.

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