3 Top Tips for Caring for Drapes in Caldwell

Once you decide on your window treatments and start buying them, you need to think about to keep them looking new. Your Caldwell drapes are one of the easiest options when it comes to maintenance. While there are daily steps, they don’t take long and you can do them when opening and closing them. Here are three top tips for caring for your drapes and curtains.

Always Look at the Care Instructions

We all tend to expect everything to be machine washable and tumble dryer-ready now. After all, the two appliances are so popular in homes across the country. The problem is there are still materials that can’t be tumbled dried and others will need to be washed on cold settings. Check out the care instructions before you hang your drapes in Caldwell. This will just help you get ready for the cleaning process when it comes to it.

When you follow the care instructions, your drapes will last longer. The colors won’t run and fade and the material will last for longer. It’s a really simple step for all.

Shake and Vacuum

When you open and close the Caldwell drapes, you’ll want to give them a shake. This helps to get rid of the dirt and dust that can collect at the bottom, especially if they run across the skirting board or the carpet. Grab the drapes from about the halfway mark and just shake them out once or twice a day.

You’ll also want to vacuum with the brush setting on your cleaner. This helps to get rid of all dust on the drapes and curtains, which is the most common irritant in the home. You’ll also pick up any dirt or pet hair. Run the vacuum every couple of days to avoid the dust buildup. Don’t forget the top of the drapes and into the folds.

Be gentle with the brush setting, especially on the delicate materials. In some cases, you may just want to use the hose to avoid damaging stitching or causing friction damage.

Wash Once a Month

Every month, take your drapes in Caldwell down and give them a thorough wash. The way you wash will depend on the care instructions (see above). You may be able to use your washing machine and the dryer, but you’ll also want to consider steam cleaning for certain types of materials.

When you do wash, make sure you get rid of all solid items, including hooks and hoops. Avoid harsh chemicals, even on materials that can be washed and tumble dried.

You’ll also want to wash the curtains with similar colors. If you wash light colored Caldwell drapes with darker colors, you run the risk of the colors bleeding and your drapes getting damaged.

Looking after your drapes in Caldwell will help to ensure your drapes last for the years to come. They’ll look just like new even a decade in the future, so you don’t need to replace them as often.

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