Spring Awakens: Refresh Your Home With New Window Treatments

With the current situation at hand, you may have been staring at the same dated window treatments for quite a few weeks now. Spring is the perfect time to do some annual cleaning and organizing, start new renovations, and give your home a new refreshed look. With Daylight Savings Time (DST) in effect, we can all look forward to getting a little more light in our day. However, increasing spring time temperatures and more time at home means increasing energy bills. As we transition into a new season, you might want to think about enhancing your home with new window coverings. Here’s a look at some of the different options and projects we have done to find something that suits your preferences and needs.


When you think of spring, many think of bright colors and a fresh new look. If you are looking to brighten up your home for a new style, we recommend covering your windows with soft treatments such as some light drapery. Sheer drapes are great for light filtering and making a room more spacious. They add depth to any space and give an airy look with more natural light. A well-lit room creates a pleasant environment and ultimately a joyful mood.

We helped add the finishing touch to this Carlsbad homeowner’s bar with these gorgeous drapes and hardware. The sheer drapes allow natural light to enter the room without being too harsh, also blocking UV rays while creating an element of privacy. Our customer chose these sheer white drapes to create a brighter and inviting space for their future guests to socialize in and enjoy a drink.


Spring time, here comes the sunshine! With the sun entering your home, it creates a whole domino effect - an increase in heat causes you to use your air conditioner more often, which ultimately results in a high energy bill. If you are looking for energy efficient shades, roller and solar shades are your best option. Roller shades are especially great for homes with large windows or windows that face the sun. They come in a variety of opacities that can be anywhere from slight light filtering to blackout. You can choose how much light you want in your room while still maintaining privacy. If you choose a shade with a 5% weave versus a 1% weave, you will have more visibility through your shade and more light in the room. For added convenience, you can automate your shades and integrate them with smart home devices. This is great for when you want to set an automatic timer to align with the brightest hours of the day.

Large windows are great for the views, but sometimes the sun’s glare can be very damaging. In the above picture, our customer in Carmel Valley had several large windows in her home and wanted a shade that provided UV protection without compromising her privacy or view. She chose an oyster brown solar shade with a black fascia and added motorization for easy operation. It’s the perfect solution to protecting her furniture and floor as well as keeping that big backyard view.


While we are all staying safe at home, it is important to maintain a clean and inviting space. Warmer weather may inspire that inner spring-cleaning instinct, as well as motivate homeowners to prepare for future social gatherings. If you have the itch to start a new project, transforming your home with new window treatments is an excellent addition to your spring cleaning checklist. Faux wood blinds give any space a classic look and are cost-effective. You can enjoy the look and feel of natural wood without having to pay the price for real wood blinds.

For our customer in Vista’s family room, we recommended white faux wood blinds to create an open and bright space that allows the family to sit comfortably in. They wanted blinds that were low maintenance and are excellent for light control as well. Faux wood blinds are made from durable polymer materials and are easy to clean, so they can simply wipe off the dust with a cloth. Our customer in Vista is happy to know that cleaning blinds will be an easy task to check off on the spring-cleaning list. Aside from the blinds, they added some decorative pillows to add some spring colors to the room.

There are thousands of window treatment combinations to enhance your home for the spring. The options above are the more common ones in current design, and are reviewed highly based off of their excellent light control, clean and timeless looks, and easy operation.  For more options, Contact Budget Blinds today to help you with choosing the right window coverings for your spring and summer needs.

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