4 Colors You Need for Draperies in Vista in the Winter Months

Fall may only just have started, but winter will be here before you know it. The nights are getting longer and that can lead to the mood dropping. So, you need to find a way to make it feel like summer in the home. Draperies in Vista can offer that benefit.

 It’s extremely simple to make the home feel warm and inviting with the right colors. You’ll be surprised by the way colors can affect your mental health. Here are four colors you’ll want to consider for your drapes for each room in the home.

 Opt for Sunny Yellows as Much as Possible

 Let’s start with yellow. This is one of the best colors to boost your happy thoughts. Yellow immediately makes you think of the sand and the sun. You’ll think about being on vacation in the heat, getting a tan and just relaxing with friends. Can you see how you immediately get a boost to your mental health?

 Canary yellow is often a popular choice for this benefit with draperies in Vista. You can also opt for a lighter shade, which can give a more neutral tone to help fit in with other colors in the living space. You just want as light and airy as possible.

 Work with Oranges

 Another popular color for positive moods is orange. You can get draperies in a bright, summery orange. You’ll instantly think of the warmer seasons—thinking of the fruits on the trees and the warmth of the sun.

 For those who are a fan of the oranges in the fall, you could opt for burnt orange instead. This gives you the sense of the fire, which adds warmth to your home. The exact coloring will depend on personal choices and other colors in the living space.

 Choose Draperies in Vista in Blue

 I know what you’re thinking. Blue is supposed to be a cold color. However, it’s going to depend on the exact shade. You want to step away from the icy blues and look at those tranquil colors. Think of the shade of blue in the sea—a sky blue that you see on a warm, sunny day.

 Blue is often soothing and calming when you get the right shade. It can be inviting in the colder months, helping you to feel more at ease in your home.

 Work with Forest Greenery

 Finally, consider adding green to your home through your draperies in Vista. This is another color that will immediately make you think of the outside. You’ll think of forests when the trees are in full bloom in the summer, instead of losing their leaves in the fall and winter.

 The warmth of deep, forest greens will add happiness to your thoughts. You’ll feel warmer and closer to mother nature, while it gets dark, wet, and chilly outside.

 You’ll be surprised at how colors affect the mood. When you want to feel warm in the middle of winter, make sure your draperies in Vista are the right color.

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