How to Use Winter Colors in Your Venetian Blinds in Vista Without Feeling Too Cold

While you want to dress your rooms for the seasons, some of the coloring can be harsh and cold. You want your home to feel safe and warm, which is hard when you’re using winter colors in your home. Venetian blinds in Vista can look beautiful in pale blues, whites, and silvers, but how do you use them without feeling too cold.

Add a Hint of Silver

Silver is one of the best colors to bring a sense of the winter without overpowering. It also sparkles and will remind many of nights out, such as Christmas parties. It can also be a reminder of the past; of glitter when doing kids’ art projects.

Start with just a hint of some silver in your venetian blinds in Vista. You can use black or dark blue that has a hint of silver glitter mixed in. The downside to this is during the day you can get the light shining on the sparkly sections and dazzling.

Stick with White Venetian Blinds in Vista

White is one of the best colors for year-round use. The coloring is crisp and clean, keeping everything neutral so you can focus on the decorations in the home. While in the summer it adds a brightness to your space, in the winter it looks a lot like the snow.

The coloring can leave you feeling cold in the winter, but you can get around that by doubling up with some curtains or drapes. Add deep greens or reds to your home through the curtains, adding a sense of Christmas but with a cozy feeling, up against the snowy white of your blinds.

Have a Small Hint of Pale Blue

Pale blue is a cold color and can sometimes leave people uncomfortable. However, it’s also a beautiful wintery color. You can use it on your venetian blinds in Vista without adding too much cold to the space. Keep the blue as light as possible.

You actually get more of a white-blue shade, which brings in a sense of the snow and the ice. It’s possible to then double up with a warmer color in some curtains.

Use Throws to Your Advantage

While you add that sense of cold through the color of your venetian blinds in Vista, you can add the sense of coziness in other parts of your home. Opt for white or silver in the shades but then add some throws that are in a darker, warmer color. Look out for browns and dark greens. You get a sense of the evergreen forests in the darkest part of the year, adding that cozy feeling.

The best part of the throws is that they’re practical. When you get cold during the day, you can throw them over your legs and just relax in the living space.

Venetian blinds in Vista are beautiful additions to the home and you can make them work for the décor of the seasons. When choosing winter colors, look out for making your home too cold.

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