Get Ready for Fall in the Home with Blinds in Bonsall

The summer may have only just started but you’re possibly getting ready for the cooler fall weather. You’ll want to start looking at your home décor options. Your blinds in Bonsall can be one of the easiest ways to bring a sense of the colorful season into the home. Here are the top four ways to bring the fall into the home with your blinds.

 Opt for Fall Colors as a Quick Option 

Don’t go out searching for anything too special. You just want to add fall colors to your home and a set of blinds is the easiest way to do that. You can choose one block color that immediately makes you think of the time of year.

 Fall colors tend to be brown, burn orange, or deep red. Think of the colors that the leaves change to throughout the season. Add just one of those colors to the windows and you can build up from that through other décor options.

 If you’re going to choose multiple colors for your blinds in Bonsall, keep it simple. Just two colors will work well. Really want to add more colors? You’ll want to look at the next tip. 

Get Leaf-Patterned Blinds

 Opt for a set of leaf patterns to your blinds. You can go out and buy a set of blinds if you’d like. However, you can also turn existing blinds into leaf-patterned styles.

 You could opt for real leaves, but they’ll start to crumble and you run the risk of bringing ants and other bugs into the home. Instead, opt for fabric leaves and sew or glue them onto your current window treatments. You’ll get to keep the costs down while making your blinds look beautiful.

 Work with Vine Patterns on Blinds in Bonsall

 Not a fan of leaves? That’s okay! You can work with vines instead. This can help add a set of blinds that work throughout the year instead of just one season. There are plenty of premade blinds that have vine patterns.

 You can work with a white base and add a fall color for the vines if you want – brown tends to be best if you want something for throughout the year. However, black and white blinds can also be popular options. They’re minimalistic and work with all décor ideas. 

Choose Real Wood Blinds 

Finally, you can opt for a set of real wood blinds in Bonsall. These are more expensive treatments for your window and they’re more long-term options instead of seasonal, but they’re certainly something to highly consider for major benefits.

 If you’re not interested in real wood (it does have its downside) consider faux wood made with real wood coloring. You’ll get the type of “wood” that you prefer, whether oak, pine, or something else, and you’ll find the blinds last longer.

 Think about your blinds in Bonsall for the fall. With the top four ideas, you’ll find something that suits your exact needs and offers all the window treatment benefits you would like to gain.

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