Why Honeycomb Shades in Caldwell Are Perfect for the Summer Months

It’s that time of year where the temperatures start to rise. You want to minimize the use of your air-con, so you need something to help prevent the temperatures in the home from rising. Honeycomb shades in Caldwell could be just the thing you need.

These fabric shades offer a range of benefits. In some cases, they can be better for you financially than Venetian blinds and even shutters. Here’s why honeycomb shades, also known as cellular shades, are just the thing you need for the summer.

The Dual Layer Offers Extra Insulation

Honeycomb shades in Caldwell have two layers. They sit opposite each other, creating the cells or honeycombs that you can see when you look at them from the side. These two layers create insulation around your window.

Wait, isn’t insulation for the winter? While it certainly is good for the winter, it’s not just for this time of the year. Insulation can also help to manage the rising heat in the summer months. We’re just so used to hearing about insulation in the winter that leads to the misconception.

As the heat travels through your windows, they get trapped within the layers of the shades. This prevents them from getting into your home, reducing the temperatures without the need for air-con all the time.

The heat gets trapped in the cells and then circulates back the way it came. You get the opposite effect to what they would do in the winter, where they circulate the heat back into the home for more consistent temperatures.

Honeycomb Shades in Caldwell Prevent the UV Rays

One of the biggest problems of the summer is the UV rays coming in through your windows. It’s the rays that cause most of the temperatures to rise in the house, so you need to find a way to manage that. The good news is your shades will help.

Honeycomb shades cover the whole window when they’re in use. Because of the material, they won’t completely black out the light, so you keep some of the natural light while getting rid of the glare.

Without the UV rays shining through, the temperatures in the house don’t rise as much. This helps to keep the air-con use to a minimum. You’ll also feel more comfortable in your home simply because of the lack of glare.

Cost Benefits of Using Honeycomb Shades

In many cases, honeycomb shades in Caldwell can end up being a more financially viable option than Venetian blinds and shutters. While they don’t block the heat as well as Venetian blinds or shutters, they are far cheaper to buy initially.

You see immediate savings, while with more permanent window coverings take a few years to reap the financial benefits due to the larger upfront costs. If you rent or you’re looking for something short-term, you’ll find the lower costs of cell shades made more sense.

The summer is coming, and you’ll want to make sure the home is ready. Get honeycomb shades in Caldwell for each of your windows.

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