Are Solar Shades in Caldwell Any Good for the Winter Months?

You got solar shades in Caldwell for the summer. As the weather starts to turn colder, you’re likely looking into your options for window treatments. Do you need to take down the solar shades, or could they potentially offer some extra benefits?

You may be surprised by some of the benefits you can get from solar shades. Even in the winter, you could find they’re useful in some rooms in the house.

They Help to Block the Glare from the Sun

Let’s take a look at the main reason you got solar shades in Caldwell in the first place. You wanted something that would block the glare from the sun coming into your home, right? This is a major summer problem, but it’s also a problem in the winter months.

The sun often glares from the snow or the rain on the ground. This can make it a little harder to manage with other window coverings. You tend to have to block out all the light coming in, and that plunges your home into darkness.

With solar shades, you just block out the glare. The natural light still shines through the window but you can sit in a room comfortably.

You Can Easily Add Color to Your Home

The winter months can be dull and depressing. This is even worse if you suffer from SAD. You want to find a way to brighten up the space and make it feel like summer, and your solar shades in Caldwell are going to help with that.

The solar shades are made of fabric. You can get whatever colors you want, and you likely picked something bright and cheery for the summer. Keep those colors going in the winter.

If you didn’t get bright and cheery, you may want to consider upgrading your solar shades. However, white is also a great color as it helps to reflect the light around the home. You can also add style and brightness through other décor in the home.

Solar Shades in Caldwell Are Easy to Double Up

There are downsides to getting solar shades in the winter. You’ll lose privacy on a night, and you don’t necessarily manage the heat all that well. You need something else in the room to help with all that.

The great news is solar shades are among the easiest window coverings to double with something else. You can hang a set of curtains or get a blackout shade if you need to. You can even double up with some blinds and cell shades. The choice is completely up to you.

The secondary layer will offer all the benefits that the solar shades don’t. You’ll use them when the sun goes down and you want privacy and heat. During the day, you keep the secondary layer open so you can benefit from the solar shades.

Don’t take the solar shades in Caldwell down just yet. While they were installed for the summer months, they could offer you some excellent benefits in the winter.

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