Why Faux Wood Blinds in Nampa Are So Great for Summer Heat

The temperatures rise during the summer. This is the time of year when the UV rays are high, and your style of the house could hold onto the heat. While you want to hold the heat in the winter, you want to manage the temperature increases in the summer, which is where faux wood blinds in Nampa come into play.

 Out of all the types of window treatments you could get, faux wood blinds are among the best. Whether you choose venetian, vertical, or another type of blind, it’s all about the material of the slats. You only want to choose faux wood and here’s why.

 The Material Blocks the UV Rays

 The main reason the temperatures will raise in the summer is because of the UV rays. They glare through the window and cause the heat in a room to climb. You can allow the light in but you want to block the rays, and that’s where the faux wood blinds in Nampa come into play. 

The material will block out the UV rays. You can completely shut the blinds and stop all rays (and light) coming into the room. If you don’t want to block out all light, you can angle the blinds, so they allow some of the light but keep the rays out. You’ll not just avoid the higher temperatures, but you can also block out the glare from the rays.

 The Slats Allow for More Light Control

 During the summer, you don’t just want to avoid the UV rays shining through. You’ll also want to control the amount of light and glare that enters your room. This is where the slats will come into play. With faux wood blinds in Nampa, you gain more light control immediately.

 You can angle the slats down or up, allowing a little natural light into your room when you want to. You’ll keep the privacy and you don’t need to deal with the glare, but you also don’t need to use interior lights when you want to take advantage of the outside air.

 When the sun has moved to another part of the house, you can open up the blinds. It’s possible to make the slats sit parallel to the floor or you can fully open the blinds to allow as much light into the room as possible. You’ll reduce the need for the interior lights as long as possible.

 Faux Wood Blinds in Nampa Won’t Warp

 You can get real wood, aluminum, or even fabric blinds. While they offer light control benefits, they’re not the best for the summer. The materials, especially fabric or real wood, are more likely to warp in the heat.

 Faux wood won’t warp at all. It’s designed for durability and lasts for decades in the home. You’ll want to consider them immediately, especially if you have a home that holds onto the heat.

 Which blinds are you getting for your home? Have you considered faux wood blinds in Nampa yet? When it comes to summer heat and light, you’ll certainly want to consider them.

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